Meet Visma Acubiz: Maja from Customer Relations

“It’s nice to know that I can make a difference for customers and help out if something isn’t working as it should”
Maja from Visma Acubiz


”Meet Acubiz” is a series of articles that’ll take you behind the scenes at Acubiz. They’ll tell the stories of everyday heroes. In this article, the spotlight is turned toward Maja Beha, who is a part of our support team. 

What is your role in customer relations?

I’m a part of our support team. We are a team of 3, and we help all our super users of Acubiz with any challenges that may arise. It can be anything from setup, and export to the financial system, etc.
In addition, I also spend a large part of my day making setups between Acubiz and the banks we collaborate with so that all our customers’ transactions go through correctly.

What is it like to be the voice of Visma Acubiz?

It’s super cool to be the first person our pro users get hold of when they contact us – both by email and by phone. It’s nice to know that you can make a difference for customers and help out if something isn’t working as it should. I think Acubiz is super cool, and I want our customers to feel the same way.

What is your best customer experience?

There are many good customer experiences. But what makes me happiest is when I talk to a customer I have gradually gotten to know, and we get to talk about non-work related things. I have a customer whose number I always recognize and who I’m delighted to talk to. It makes me love my work even more.

What questions do you get a lot from your colleagues?

In addition to questions about my overuse of Visma’s mentos, I often get questions about various features in Acubiz. We usually have a closer dialogue with the customers than our development team, so they often tell us if something can cause challenges.

How is the process in relation to solving customer challenges?

First, customers call or e-mail us. Then we create a case and talk about it internally with our team. If we can solve the challenge, we do so immediately. If more help is needed, we engage in dialogue with our implementation consultants, as they are very familiar with our system. Finally, we forward the case to our development team.

What can you expect from Acubiz if you need help?

You can always expect that we will do everything we can to help and solve any challenge that may arise. We’re here to help our customers – even if it’s something that we can’t fix right away in the first place, we make sure it gets to the right people, so our customers can move on quickly.

What is a fun fact about you?

Besides my work, my music is the most organized thing in my life. My Spotify is neatly divided into 58 playlists, and I have now also started to build a collection of vinyl records.

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