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Customer story


HY+ went from old school and and manual to digital and user-friendly expense management.

"When introducing a new application to a company, there will always be some resistance, but Acubiz has been so easy to use and there have been no complaints after everyone started using the app. That’s the most important thing to me. It puts a bit of pressure on the next software implementation we have to do because we can not expect such an easy implementation and high satisfaction as we have experienced with Acubiz."

Päivi Karjalainen

CFO at HY+

The challenge

HY +, which is owned by the University of Helsinki, works with about 300 external lecturers or professors a year. These external lecturers are not part of the university’s payroll system. Therefore, HY + was looking for a solution that could make the process of paying external lecturers and professors as easy as possible for both parties.

Previously, the invoicing consisted of the external lecturers issuing paper invoices to HY +, which the finance department then processed manually in the finance system. This was very time consuming for the department. The workflows made the whole process of third person billing cumbersome and hard to manage.

The result

Acubiz has provided HY + with a system that meets all of their third person billing requirements. In addition, local Finnish rules have been taken into account during implementation. Now all the invoices are processed digitally by the financial department. In the end, it has saved both parties a lot of time and hassle.

The lecturers are especially pleased with how simple the new billing process is. They know that as soon as they have entered all the relevant information about their invoice into the Acubiz app, they will not have to wait long before they recieve their money. This also applies if the lecturers have to bill for travel allowances or the like.

About HY+

HY+ provides continuing education and development services both in Finland and abroad. Globally, they offer services particularly for the educational sector and help organisations that are keen on developing their functions through education.

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