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Customer story

Louis Poulsen

No more unpleasant surprises for the finance department. Now there is complete control and constant overview, and employees can get their claims faster.

"With frequent travels and days starting at 6 in the morning ending at midnight, I have little time for expense reports. So years back, I was one of the employees who urged the management to find an easier way to do it. On account of which I was very pleased, when we implemented Acubiz EMS. It is a really handy tool saving me half the time I used to spend on my travelling expenses. This means that I can now concentrate on what I am employed to do. Which is beneficial to me and to the company."

Sune Kristensen

International Business Developer, Louis Poulsen

More control on travel expenses

At Louis Poulsen’s manufacturing factory in Vejen (Jutland, Denmark), expenses in connection with business travels no longer come as a surprise. Along with the automation of the expense management processes, the financial department knows exactly what to expect. And the employees benefit from faster reimbursements.

Previously we had little idea of the amount of reimbursements. It weakened our overview of the economy, and gave us unpleasant surprises in the shape of highly increased expenses when an employee handed in travelling receipts dating months back in time. But now, with Acubiz Expense Mangement Service, we are able to keep track of the spendings on a monthly basis. This benefits are immense and a huge advantage at many levels,” says Gitte Rasmussen, controller in Louis Poulsen’s financial department.

From hand-held to automated

The automation of expense management currently includes parts of the company. For now, some of the foreign subsidiaries still use the old ‘hand-held’ system, a fact that makes pros and cons very visible to Gitte Rasmussen.

In the subsidiaries where they have not yet implemented Acubiz EMS and therefore still use spreadsheets and paper receipts, it is quite obvious that they do not have the same level of financial overview,” she says.

And those locations spend much more time on expense management. Both in terms of collecting documentation from their employees, reconciling items, getting the expenses recorded, reimbursing the employees and – last but not least – reminding the employees to hand in their expense reports.

Benefits for everyone

Gitte Rasmussen and her colleagues experience massive time savings. Savings which were the original reason that 15 years ago Louis Poulsen decided to purchase Acubiz’ expense management software, and to subsequently have the system implemented in all subsidiaries. And the time savings apply to the employees as well.

I never heard of anyone who enjoyed making a expense report. On the contrary, everyone considers it a drag, too cumbersome and inaccurate. But Acubiz has created quite an intuitive user interface. All the employees’ credit card expenses are imported directly to the system immediately after the transaction. Additionally, a range of the expenses are predefined, so you do not have to state what the money was spent on. Only when an employee eats out, does she or he have to state the type of expense; a generally popular simplification,” says Gitte Rasmussen.

However, it happens that a few employees do not finish their expense reports in due time. This is were the built-in, automated reminder procedure comes in handy.

A solid implementation

To begin with, Louis Poulsen implemented Acubiz EMS for the 130 frequently travelling managers and employees with a business Eurocard. It was first rolled out in Denmark, then Sweden, Norway and Germany, subsequently the turn will come to the rest of the subsidiaries.

Firstly, we see to it that everyone is supplied with a Eurocard. Secondly we put energy into training the employees before they start using the system. Not all employees find IT equally easy, and we must be ready to support those who find it difficult,” says Gitte Rasmussen.

The cooperation between Acubiz and Louis Poulsen is impeccable, Gitte Rasmussen thinks, and she is happy that Acubiz does not hesitate to assist when a problem arises – regardless of who is responsible.

About Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen is an international lighting manufacturer and part of Polaris Private Equity. Louis Poulsen serves the professional and private lighting markets, and produces and develops lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. Known as producer of the legendary PH-lamp. Was established in 2007. Production in Vejen, Denmark and HQ in Copenhagen.

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