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Account Statement


What is an account statement?

An account statement is a document that shows transactions on a specific account. Therefore, you get an overview of expenses and earnings on an account statement.

The account statement is your opportunity to get an overview of your finances as a company and an individual.

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What can you use your account statement for?

You can use an account statement to see which payments are coming in and out of your account. That way, you get a clear overview of how much money you spend. You do this by offsetting your deposits against your withdrawals.

If you have a loan, you can also see on the statement how much debt you have written off so far. You can also see how much you still have to repay.

As a company, you can use the account statement to keep track of your customers’ deposits and withdrawals. Does a customer owe you money or have something to claim from you? And does the invoiced amount match the payment the customer has sent you?

This means an account statement helps you keep track of your account.

Where do you find your account statements?

You probably don’t go through your account statements every day. But if you need to thoroughly review your deposits and withdrawals, you must know how to access the overview.

You can access the overview through your bank or e-Boks.

Most banks send your account statement to your e-Boks. You can follow these steps:

  1. Log in
  2. Go to “inbox”
  3. Find the digital letter with the account statement


Other banks send your account statements in digital documents in your online banking. If you need help finding your account statements in online banking or e-Boks, you can always write to your bank advisor and have them send them to you.

Do you want to know more?

With digital handling of your invoices, you will get a better overview, and at the same time, you have the opportunity to integrate directly with an accounting system. That way, you can quickly see if the invoice, deposits, and withdrawals on your account statement match.

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What is an account statement?
An account statement is a summary used by financial institutions to provide an overview of deposits and withdrawals on an account. It is also referred to as a bank statement.
It is generally recommended to keep regular accounting records for a period of five years.

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