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Simplify Company Policies

Easy Compliance with Rules and Expense Guidelines. Providing companies with the Best Tools for Policy Adherence.

Goodbye Rule Breakers, Hello to

Accessibility and Transparency

Rules and guidelines become visible and clear in day-to-day work.

Qualified Control

Define sampling checks and save time by not scrutinising every expense.

Define Criteria as Needed

Set up monetary limits and documentation requirements.

Financial Control and Processes with Ease

Define and Refine Quality Control as Needed

With Acubiz’s company policy feature, financial processes for controlling employee expenses will be a breeze. You have the opportunity to conduct test samples of different transactions or of unpredictable and large-scale cost types. This saves the company time and makes it easy to make qualified controls.

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Elevating Expense Control through RPA: Empowering Company Policy Adherence

Utilising Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will make it easier to control expenses. The technology will create transparency, which will help regulate behaviour in a positive direction when it comes to expenses.

Control amount limits on single employees, groups of employees or expense accounts – also across designated countries. As an example, a specific employee can receive a notification when that individual exceeds a given expense amount.

The employee would then be prompted to justify the transaction. It is also an option to route the transactions with policy violations for control by the finance departments.

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The Benefits of Acubiz Company Policies

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The employees will get a notice if they violate company guidelines and they will need to add a comment to the transaction. By doing so, you will be able to regulate and verify your employees’ transactions – and the finance department will obtain a better overview of the connection between expenses and costs.
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Finance Department

By leveraging the management of company policies, the finance department can optimise expense management and create a more controlled and efficient financial environment within the organisation.

"It was a really nice implementation process, where we clarified our needs and they were taken care of."

Nina Hjorthmose

Senior Consultant in Accounting, BDO

Your Questions. Answered.

How does Acubiz assist in enforcing company policies?

With Acubiz, you can make rules and guidelines more visible and clear to employees in their daily work. Additionally, we enable qualified controls, including random spot checks, so you don’t have to review every single expense. You can also set limits and documentation requirements to ensure compliance with the company’s corporate policies.

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation, and it refers to the use of software robots to automate repetitive tasks and processes. We use it to create transparency in financial transactions. For example, you can define and enforce limits and documentation requirements, as well as monitor whether employees are violating company policies. If violations occur, RPA can trigger notifications or direct transactions for further scrutiny in the finance department. This strengthens compliance with company policies and reduces the risk of errors and fraud.