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Digital registration of outlays

Managing outlays as an employee have never been easier. Stop worrying about receipts and paper messes. Register and approve directly from your phone.

How it works

Easy Expense Management with Acubiz

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1. Upload receipt

Take a picture of your outlay with your phone and fill out the expense type.

2. Submit for Approval

The approver reviews the expense on the web interface or via the app.

3. Automatic Reimbursement

The finance department receives the expense and prepares it for automatic accounting and reimbursement.

Trusted by nearly 300,000 users spread over 52 countries and close to 1,000 companies

Used by many all year around

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Acubiz provides benefits for the entire company

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Enjoy simplified expense management, with the convenience of mobile accessibility, leading to faster reimbursements and less paperwork. This increased flexibility allows employees to manage expenses on-the-go, promoting accuracy and reducing errors. A user-friendly interface streamlines tasks, saving time and ensuring transparency into expense status. With ongoing employee creditor payments to the/ from the bank, the employee can have the money back within a few days

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Acubiz streamlines the approval process, saving valuable time and effort for approvers. Automation minimizes manual tasks, reducing the chances of errors. Mobile approval offers flexibility, while audit support aids in accountability.

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Finance Department

Real-time access to data supports informed decisions and policy enforcement ensures compliance. The platform also provides analytics, audit trails, and a paperless approach, enhancing efficiency, transparency, and accuracy in financial operations

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Acubiz seamlessly adapts to your company’s growth, ensuring efficient expense management at any scale. With real-time data and analytics, it empowers strategic decision-making and substantial cost savings. This optimization allows for resource allocation aligned with your company’s strategic priorities

"It is definetly an advantage that we no longer have to handle all the physical attachments and for the individual employee, the big difference is that everything is handled via a mobile app"

Anna-Grete Christenesn

Accountant, Morsø Jernstøberi

Why Acubiz for private outlays?

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Streamlined Expense Management

Simplifies and automates the expense management process, saving time and reducing administrative overhead.

Increased Flexibility

Employees can register expenses on the go using their mobile devices, providing greater flexibility and convenience.

Improved Compliance

The platform helps ensure compliance with expense policies and regulations, reducing the risk of errors and fraud.

Real-time Tracking​

Enables real-time expense tracking and reporting, giving managers and finance teams up-to-date insights into company spending.

Efficient Approval Workflow

It offers an efficient approval workflow, allowing for faster reimbursement and better control over expenses.

Reduced Paperwork

Eliminates the need for paper receipts and manual data entry, contributing to a more environmentally friendly and efficient process

Your Questions. Answered.

What is digital outlay management?

Digital outlay management refers to the process of recording, managing, and approving outlays using digital tools and technology. It eliminates the need for paper receipts and makes the entire outlay management process more efficient within a company.

By using digital outlay management, you save time and reduce administrative burdens. It allows employees and finance departments to process outlays quickly, minimize errors, and improve traceability.

You take a picture of your receipt with your phone and fill in any missing information. Your request is then sent for approval, where a responsible person reviews it through our web application or app. Once approval is in place, your request is transferred to your finance department, which handles the automated accounting and reimbursement of the outlay.