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Acubiz partnership

Simple, digital, and automatic expense management for your clients. We have entered partnership agreements with several accounting firms, auditors, system suppliers and many more. Are you next?

Discover the benefits

Partner benefits

Increase Customer Value

Offer your clients more value with an automated expense management proces.

White Label Solution

Get a White Label solution with Acubiz functionality – with your own branding.

A Trusted Advisor

Become a Trusted Advisor for a credible brand with solid experience since 1997.

Customer benefits

Digital expense management

Efficient and digital management of all types of employee-initiated expenses. Make it simple with Acubiz.

80% less administration

Overview and insight into spend patterns and better control of compliance towards company policies.

Global Reach

Acubiz has a wide reach with nearly 300,000 users spread over 52 countries and close to 1,000 companies.

More than travel expense reports

Efficient processes for corporate card purchases, out-of-pocket expenses, mileage, invoices and much more.

User-friendly interface

A simple and user-friendly interface design results in efficient workflows and happy employees.

Secure data handling

Data security is a top priority for us and we qualify us for relevant certifications within our field of expertise.

Let's all do what we do best and achieve great customer succes

As a partner you will get

Training in Acubiz

Support for onboarding

Sales and marketing assistance

Beneficial terms

A partner agreement for your organisation

The referral model

With a referral partnership agreement, you will refer leads to us, Visma Acubiz. We take responsibility for sales, implementation and support of the customer. You’ll receive a kick-back of the first year’s subscription/operating income.

The referral partnership agreement is therefore ideal for you, who don’t want to take care of the entire sales and implementation process yourselves.

The reseller model

With a reseller partnership agreement, you will take greater ownership in the relationship with the customer. You will buy our services and are responsible for pricing towards the customer, sales, implementation and support.

We are responsible for training and education for you, as partner. It’s possible to get more help from us for e.g. the implementation process – that can be added to the agreement if needed.

Our partners

Visma Enterprise offers market leading solutions within HR and payroll. Visma Enterprise has combined the work with payroll and HR on one platform – MyVisma. MyVisma makes it possible to manage everything from time registration, expenses, recruitment, payroll, HR administration and much more.

Nykredit is one of Denmark’s largest financial groups.

The partnership between Nykredit and Acubiz means that Nykredit approaches the market and its business customers with our solution for registering and managing all types of employee expenses. Nykredit Mastercard Business integrates with Acubiz, making expense management incredibly easy.

Sydbank – the backbone of Danish business. Sydbank is the backbone of Danish business and private customers who value professional advice. The partnership between Sydbank and Acubiz means that Sydbank now offers the market and its business customers Acubiz – the market’s best solution for managing all kinds of employee-initiated expenses.
Nordea is the largest financial services group in the Nordic region with a complete range of financial services. The partnership between Nordea and Acubiz consists of a packaged solution with Nordea First Card company credit cards as well as Acubiz’ solution for managing expenses and mileage.
ProLøn has helped Danish companies streamline their payroll administration for more than 30 years. And they are really good at it. ProLøn uses a ”Pure Player” strategy, where they focus on partnerships with companies that can help their customers in other areas than salary. Acubiz is one of the partners that can help ProLøn’s customers with Expense Management.
Unik develops innovative industry software for people and companies working within housing- and property management as well as law firms. The partnership with Acubiz gives Unik the opportunity to offer its customers the best Expense Management software on the market.
Staria helps revolutionize finance departments in their battle to secure more time for the essential and value adding tasks. Staria knows the challenges associated with rapid growth and international expansion and they are ready to help with ERP, Accounting Services, HR, Payroll and Robotics.
Zignifikant delivers future-proof solutions within automated and digitized accounting for small and medium-sized companies. They help save time and money for their customers while ensuring financial overview and smarter workflows. We are happy to be part of the journey.
Inforevision is an auditing and consulting house that helps companies within a wide range of accounting and personnel matters. At the same time, they know how to implement IT systems and translate them into tools that support the customers’ business.
SDC is owned by its customers and users which consist of more than 120 financial institutes in the Nordic region. SDC’s core services include development, maintenance and joint procurement of IT systems and related services to the financial institutes.
Amesto Solutions works to make their customers more profitable by streamlining business processes using technology. They provide solutions, advisory and services within e.g. ERP, CRM, HRM, AI and Business Intelligence.
Sønderjyllands Revision is a state authorized auditing company that has the time, competencies and willingness to make a positive difference for their customers. They are a good alternative to the individual auditors and, on the other hand, the large national state authorized auditing companies.
Integrata are experts within Human Ressource Management. They offer a comprehensive range of tools that enables their customers to manage, unify and improve the efficiency of their HR, payroll and people management processes.


Finanschefen offers assistance within financial tasks such as accounting, bookkeeping, payroll administration, auditing and reporting. Finanschefen releases time for the customers by taking care of the trivial administrative tasks and thus makes room for more valuable tasks.
EY Net Source deals with interim services and outsourcing of finance, accounting and payroll functions. It becomes possible for companies to add resources and competencies that streamline business processes and solve urgent operational tasks.
Jutlander Bank is Denmarks most personal and accessible bank. Jutlander and Acubiz has entered a collaboration that means, that Jutlander Banks business customers will have easy access to Acubiz’ Expense Management services. In combination with Jutlander Banks products and services for business life, Acubiz will help ease the administrative burdens for the businesses.
Medius helps companies gain full control over their spend. Medius ensures full cost control and increased productivity throughout the entire procurement process – from finding new suppliers, ordering products and services to handling invoices and payments.
Innofactor is on a mission! They want to help their customers succeed by modernizing and digitalizing their organization. They do so by promoting new collaborative ways of working, move the customer’s services safely into the cloud, and develop, renew and streamline their business processes with a data-driven approach. All by the means of Microsoft’s extensive ecosystem of Business-to-Business solutions.
Sympa offers a fully customizable core HR solution and is one of the fastest-growing HR vendors in the Nordics. Sympa’s full digital HR solutions allows organizations to manage all people data in one system – all the way from hire to retire.
Fiscales serves its customers with financial administration services, taxation- and accounting services. With Acubiz as a part of the solution portfolio, Fiscales can now go to the market with a market leading tool for managing administrative processes related to all types of employee-initiated expenses.
Tietotili is a full-service accounting firm that help and advice its customers within financial administration services and taxation – with intuitive software and digital tools as part of the solution. Tietotili is a reseller of Acubiz’ portfolio of services for digital and automated expense management.

Janne H Consult functions as an external accounting service for smaller businesses that wish to outsource accounting, payroll, and other administrative tasks.

The focus is on streamlining, where Janne H Consult puts everything into optimizing workflows and digitizing as much as possible

Exsitec Denmark is one of the largest Visma partners in the Nordic region and is a comprehensive IT solution provider.

Exsitec Denmark assists businesses in maximizing their system landscape, including Acubiz, and emphasizes the implementation process and the subsequent support, which can be crucial for a successful user experience.

Lokale Pengeinstitutter is an association for 46 local banks, savings banks, and cooperative banks in Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands.

LOPI and Visma Acubiz have entered into a partnership, which means that Acubiz – the market’s best solution for handling employee expenses – is available to the customers of the association’s members.

Sparekassen Thy is a financial institution founded in 1829, focusing on providing the best service and advice to their customers.

Through the partnership between Sparekassen Thy and Visma Acubiz, customers can now access an effective expense management solution, further enhancing Sparekassen Thy’s offerings to their clientele

Djursland Bank is a traditional business bank emphasizing personal relationships and local interests.

The partnership with Visma Acubiz provides Djursland Bank’s business clients with the best solutions in Expense Management. This reinforces the bank’s commitment to supporting business development and efficiency through improved management of employee expenses and administration

Nordfyns Bank is a deeply rooted financial institution in Fyn and the Triangle Area, valuing personal relationships and driven by presence, commitment, and expertise.

With Acubiz in their product portfolio, Nordfyns Bank can now also offer their clients a comprehensive solution for managing employee expenses.

Danske Andelskassers Bank is a financial institution with historical roots in local communities.

The partnership between Danske Andelskassers Bank and Visma Acubiz means that the cooperative bank’s business clients now have easy access to Acubiz’s Expense Management solutions. Through this collaboration, the cooperative bank can alleviate administrative burdens for businesses in local communities.

Hvidbjerg Bank is a traditional business bank established in 1912, prioritizing personal relationships and local interests.

Through collaboration with Visma Acubiz, Hvidbjerg Bank can now present their clients with a leading tool in managing processes related to employee expenses.

Sparekassen Djursland is an independent and dynamic financial institution, whose personal connection creates significant value for their clients.

The partnership means that Sparekassen Djursland can now offer their customers a market-leading tool for managing administrative processes related to handling employee expenses.

Totalbanken is a Funen-based group with its headquarters in Aarup on Funen, with 1 branch in West Funen as well as a Business Center and 3 branches in Odense.

The collaboration between Totalbanken and Visma Acubiz opens new doors for customers by introducing the market’s best solution for efficient management of employee expenses.

Vestjysk Bank is a full-service financial institution that, with a focus on its customers, advises both private and business clients locally and regionally through their 25 branches in Jutland.

By entering into a partnership with Visma Acubiz, Vestjysk Bank can now offer their customers even better tools for managing employee expenses as part of their ongoing effort to deliver the best service.

Jyske Bank is a financial institution founded in 1967 and has since then focused on providing the best service and advice to their customers making them the second-largest Danish-owned financial institution.

Through the partnership between Jyske Bank and Visma Acubiz, customers can now access an effective expense management solution.