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Reduce Your Company's CO2 Footprint

With our CO2-tracker, we offer you the ability to measure, manage, and communicate your efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.

Your Professional Sustainability Ally

Sustainability and environmental considerations are pivotal for customers, partners, and employees today. You’re expected to have a clear answer on how you reduce your impact on the climate. We understand this responsibility and have developed a CO2 tracker.

How It Works

Effective CO2 Tracking: From Registration to Reporting

1. Record expenses

Enter transportation mode, distance, and route in Acubiz.

2. Define settings

Choose the registration method and available transport types.

3. Generate CO2 report

Collected data exported into a CO2 report for use in your climate accounting.

This separate add-on module, for our Advanced and Premium solutions, integrates seamlessly into your existing system. Under Company Policies, you can customize and activate CO2-tracker for all types of expenses.

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Goodbye Guesswork, Hello

Important And Useful Data

Create detailed reports based on your business travels – regardless of the transportation type.

Sharing Is Caring

Visualising and communicating your CO2 footprint, creates awareness among employees, partners and customers.

A Strong Message

Send a strong signal to the world about your commitment to reducing your CO2 footprint.

Step by Step

Creating Reports for A More Sustainable Future

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Define Registration

Choose whether CO2-tracker should be used for a given expense. If so, the registration method must be defined. It is possible to choose between:

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Select Transport Type

During setup, there is the option to determine which transport types should be available to end-users.

You can choose between:

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Create CO2 Report

The data collected in connection with the use of CO2-tracker can then be compiled into a CO2 report.

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More Than Just Another Fancy Feature

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Minimize Your Climate Impact

Acubiz’ CO2tracker allows you to calculate the CO2 footprint from your company’s transportation, regardless of transport type or the scope of the journey. It’s a pivotal part of your overall climate accounting and can support you in mandatory ESG reporting—supporting a long-term responsible business practice and creating long-lasting value.

ESG Reporting as A Cornerstone

ESG reporting is crucial for companies as it highlights their environmental, social, and governance performances. This practice provides stakeholders with insights into the company’s sustainability efforts, influencing investment decisions and reputation. By integrating ESG factors into reporting, companies can show their commitment to a more sustainable future.