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Expense Management

Simplify employee expense management with efficient handling of reimbursements, company card purchases, mileage, and invoices. Save time, reduce stress, and boost productivity and profits.

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What is Expense Management?

Transforming Manual Processes to Digital Expense Management

Lack of overview, risk of errors during data entry, and insufficient documentation of expenses are some of the challenges that companies often face with manual expense handling.

By switching to digital expense management, you reduce time-consuming tasks and potential errors associated with the manual process.

The result?

A streamlined and efficient system that gives control and overview of expenses, while reducing stress for management and employees.

Why Acubiz

Value-creating Benefits That Optimize Your Company

Expense Management on Mobile

Our app with expense management software makes registering and managing employee expenses quick and easy. Employees can handle expenses from anywhere, not just the office. Instead, they can submit and approve expenses directly from their smartphone, saving the company time and resources.

Full Digital Documentation

With Expense Management, you are guaranteed 100% digital documentation. All your records and receipts are securely stored in the system, giving you full transparency and traceability throughout the process. This means you never have to worry about lost receipts or incomplete documentation again.

Real-time Monitoring

By setting up travel routes and calculating per diems for business trips in real-time, you can minimize costs and manage expenses effectively – no matter where you are. This means you always have control over your budget and can make decisions based on up-to-date information.

Customized Workflow

We offer a tailor-made workflow solution that fits your organization’s needs. Our system adapts everything from registration to accounting, making expense management more efficient and hassle-free. You don’t need to change your existing processes – we adapt to you.

Flexible Approval Flow

Our flexible approval flow can be customized to your organization’s structure. Whether you are on the move and using your mobile or at the office with your computer, you can quickly and easily approve expenses. This ensures prompt employee approvals and that no tasks are missed.

Integration-Ready Data

Our service provides data ready for integration with your existing ERP or payroll systems, effectively streamlining your financial processes. This compatibility means you don’t have to overhaul your current IT infrastructure – our solution is designed to seamlessly fit into your existing system setup.

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Interdepartmental Collaboration


Enjoy simplified expense management, with the convenience of mobile accessibility, leading to faster reimbursements and less paperwork. This increased flexibility allows employees to manage expenses on-the-go, promoting accuracy and reducing errors. A user-friendly interface streamlines tasks, saving time and ensuring transparency into expense status. With ongoing employee creditor payments to/from the bank, the employee can have the money back within a few days.


Acubiz streamlines the approval process, saving valuable time and effort for approvers. Automation minimizes manual tasks, reducing the chances of errors. Mobile approval offers flexibility, while audit support aids in accountability.

Finance Department

Real-time access to data supports informed decisions and policy enforcement ensures compliance. The platform also provides analytics, audit trails, and a paperless approach, enhancing efficiency, transparency, and accuracy in financial operations


Acubiz seamlessly adapts to your company’s growth, ensuring efficient expense management at any scale. With real-time data and analytics, it empowers strategic decision-making and substantial cost savings. This optimization allows for resource allocation aligned with your company’s strategic priorities

Trusted by nearly 300,000 users spread over 52 countries and close to 1,000 companies

"Acubiz is definitely one of the systems that has been easiest to implement, and it’s also the most beneficial system for the entire organization."

Henriette Bjerg Persson
Head of Administration and Service, Alm. Brand

A Green Approach to Efficient Expense Management

Streamlining Costs and Conserving Nature

Expense Management is not only beneficial for your own business; it is also good for the environment.
By embracing digital processes and reducing the need for paperwork, you are helping to preserve nature and create a more sustainable future. Make your expense management paperless and save time while contributing to a greener planet.

With the ability to take pictures of receipts, fill out the information, and submit expenses effortlessly, you get reimbursed more quickly while always having real-time information about your expenses.