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Smart Mileage Tracking

With Acubiz, you can record driven kilometers on the phone in two ways: automatic tracking or manual entry. It’s simple, it’s digital, and you can get back to work in no time.

A perfect tool for employees on the road.

Trusted by nearly 300,000 users spread over 52 countries and close to 1,000 companies

Used by many all year around

Yearly Mileage Transactions

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Digital Mileage Expense Tracking on Your Phone with Acubiz

Automatic Tracking of Company Milage

Track your travel in real-time through our integration with Google Maps.

Mobile Registration and Approval

Registering and approving business travel can be done on the go through your phone.

Accurate Reimbursement Calculation

Automatic rate updates according to SKAT’s regulations ensure accurate calculations.

"Before, you had to write down where you had been in your mileage log, and then you had to go home and manually input it into an Excel sheet to send it to the accounting department."

Leif Mohr

Fire Safety Consultant, Dansk Brandteknik

Acubiz Company Mileage Provides Benefits for the Entire Company

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Easy tracking of business related mileage is key to a employee on the road. It’s easy and efficient.

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Achieve a detailed overview of business acitivities. The approval proces is flexible and mobile in order to have a smooth transistion from registration to processing. 

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Finance department

Atomatic updates of rates will result in better use of time. The Finance Department should spend time of other important tasks.

The Traditional and Manual Mileage Log Is in The Past

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Mileage Expense Reporting with Acubiz

In many industries, employees often use their personal or company cars for business purposes, requiring mileage tracking. Traditional manual logs are typically in Excel, which employees fill out and send to the finance department. Acubiz automates this process, reducing data entry. The finance department receives data electronically, making it easy for payroll and tax documentation.

Accurate Calculation of Mileage Reimbursement

The mileage reimbursement for the kilometers driven to cover common expenses related to travel is calculated based on roughly fixed rates. These rates change slightly from year to year.

Acubiz automatically keeps these rates up to date, ensuring that mileage reimbursement is calculated correctly.

Your Questions. Answered.

How does Acubiz replace the traditional manual mileage log?

Acubiz automates the entire process, eliminating the need for manual Excel sheets and data entry. Instead, data is electronically submitted to the finance department for more efficient documentation and payroll processing.

We integrate with Google Maps to track your mileage in real time. This makes it easy to document your travels while you’re on the go.
We keep the fixed rates for mileage reimbursement updated, so you can be sure that the calculations are always accurate and in line with current rates.