Quick and Easy time registration

Register working hours quickly in the app, whether you are in the office, at home, or on the go. It’s time to make life a bit easier.

Why time registration with Acubiz?

Invest in a time registration solution, allowing employees to record their working hours – with the mobile always at hand, time registration happen through the Acubiz app.

A userfriendly proces

Allow your employees to register working hours in a simple and efficient way directly on their phone.

Allocation and activity insights

One comprehensive app that provides your company with detailed insights into each employee’s time allocation and activities.

Quick employee registration

Employees can log their hours quickly, whether they are in the office, at home, or on the go.

Compliance with the Accounting Act

Ensure that you fulfill the necessary documentation requirements and comply with the legislation in this field.

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How it works

Empower Your Workflow with a Simple or Advanced Time Tracking Solution

1. Choose time category

Determine the category your hours is relevant to.

2. Insert number of hours or days

Identify number of hours or days and insert relevant additional information.

3. Submit for approval

The approver reviews the expense on the web interface or via the app.

4. Ready for export

The finance department receives the registration and prepares it for export to the salary system.

Bye spreadsheets, Hello

Time saving proces

Less need for manual data entry means a faster registration from start to end.

Flexible approval flow

An approval flow that fit into your structure and approval needs.

Reducing risk of errors

Minimise the risk of errors and reduce manual work.

Used by many all year around

Yearly Time Transactions

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Digital time registration with Acubiz

Overview and allocation

Time registration is, as the name indicates, registration of time or hours. In this context, it’s about registration of working hours. Time registration provides an overview and can help keep track on what employees spend their time on and how much time is spent.

The hours can be logged in a spreadsheet but a digital time tracking solution makes life easier for employees, approvers, and the finance department. With Acubiz, you can digitally log hours at the end of a workday or week. Managers can approve digitally, and the finance department receives electronic data, eliminating the need for manual data entry into the payroll system.

Time Tracking requirements and Compliance

Since 2019, the EU Court of Justice ruled that member states must require employers to establish processes ensuring the actual daily working hours of employees are recorded. This is intended to safeguard employees’ rights concerning maximum weekly working hours and daily and weekly rest periods. This raises several questions regarding how this registration task is practically addressed within a specific company. Acubiz fully comply witin current laws and regulations.

"It's easy, it's fast, and it's user-friendly."

Louise Østvand

Team Manager, KAB

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How does time registration work with Acubiz?

With Acubiz, employees can easily record their working hours directly from their phones. They can input the number of hours or days worked and other relevant information, after which the information is automatically submitted for approval. The approver reviews the time registration through a computer or app, and then the finance department receives the record and prepares it for the salary system.

Digital time tracking eliminates the need for spreadsheets and manual data entry, saving time. Additionally, the flexible approval workflow can be customized to fit your company’s structure, minimizing the risk of errors and reducing paper waste.

The EU Court of Justice has ruled that member states must require employers to record their employees’ actual daily working hours. The purpose is to protect employee rights and ensure compliance with working hours and rest periods.