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Register Vacation and Absence

Effortless registration of vacation, paid time off, illness, caregiver days, parental leave, or work-related injuries.

How it works

Mastering Time Off Tracking with Ease on Your Phone

1. Choose time category

Determine the category your hours is relevant to.

2. Insert number of hours or days

Identify number of hours or days and insert relevant additional information.

3. Submit for approval

The approver reviews the expense on the web interface or via the app.

4. Ready for export

The finance department receives the registration and prepares it for export to the salary system.

Bye Manual Work, Hello

Streamlined Process

The same process for every employee ensures structure and fewer errors.

Efficient Approval Flow

An approval flow that fit into your structure and approval needs.

Integration-ready Data

Easy salary system import with relevant data input.

Trusted by nearly 300,000 users spread over 52 countries and close to 1,000 companies

Used by many all year around

Yearly Time Transactions

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Flexible Time Registration for Flexible Working

Establish a System for Planned and Unplanned Absence

Employee’s absence is just as important to keep track of as their attendance. Absence is a completely natural part of an employment relationship, and it is therefore important to control and have an overview of the employees’ vacation and absence – both planned and unplanned.

Seamless Attendance Management

With a software solution for vacation and absence registration, employees can quickly and easily log their vacation and absence using their mobile phones. This significantly reduces data entry for all parties involved, and the entire process is fully digital and much more automated.

"It's easy, it's fast, and it's user-friendly."

Louise Østvand

Team Manager, KAB

Your Questions. Answered.

How does absence registration work with Acubiz?

Registering for vacation or other absences with Acubiz is easy. Employees select the relevant category for their absence and enter the number of hours or days and any additional information. Once they are done, the registration is submitted for approval, after which the finance department receives the registration and prepares it for export to the payroll system.

Yes, employees can use Acubiz to register both planned absences (such as vacation and leave) and unplanned absences (such as illness or work-related injuries).
With Acubiz, you can automate and digitize the entire absence registration process, reducing the need for manual data entry and paperwork. It also provides a fast and consistent process for all employees.