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Experience a seamless process with our data integrations – Acubiz offers a wide range of options for smooth data exchange with ERP solutions, payroll systems, and other systems.

Accounting Data Ready for Your Company's Financial System

Integration with your finance system is a basic prerequisite for optimal use of an Expense Management solution. Acubiz integrates with all systems, either through file export or with automatic data exchange. Especially the automatic data exchange will save you a lot of manual work hours.

Payroll Data Integration for Your Company's Payroll System

Integration with your salary system makes it easy to export payroll data for processing – from expenses and per diems to mileage and time tracking, depending on the features used in Acubiz. We integrate with all systems, either through file export or with automatic data exchange.

Other System Integrations with Acubiz

Deep integrations are integrations that go across tools and other vendors. These are the suppliers where it is relevant to exchange data on expenditure. Which suppliers depend on the individual company, but it can for example be telecommunications companies, petrol companies, leasing companies, parking providers, taxi companies and similar

Acubiz Integrations

American Express

American Express is a credit card issuer known for their premium credit cards and travel rewards including a number of exclusive benefits and services for their members.


ATPI is a global travel management company that offers professional travel and event solutions.
bank connect logo

Bank Connect

Bank Connect is an online banking platform that offers digital and mobile banking services and solutions to a wide range of customers.


Billy is a Danish ERP solution that includes accounting, invoicing, and other business functions.


Brobizz is an electronic payment solution that makes it easy for users to pay for bridge toll, bridge tunnels and ferries.


Danløn is a Danish payroll solution that helps companies efficiently manage payroll processes and comply with current legislation.

Danske Bank

Danske Bank is one of the largest banks in Denmark with a wide selection of financial products and services for both private individuals and companies.


Dinero offers cloud-based ERP solutions covering accounting, invoicing, and financial management for small and medium-sized businesses.

Diners Club International

Diners Club International is a pioneer in the credit card industry, known for introducing the first credit card in the world and offering exclusive travel and lifestyle benefits to their members.
eurocard logo


Eurocard is a leading provider of credit cards in Europe, and it focuses on security, convenience, and flexibility for its customers.
Finago logo


Finago/Procounter offers solutions in payroll administration and accounting that automate and simplify business processes.
first card logo

First Card

First Card is a corporate credit card solution that gives companies control over their employees’ travel and business expenses.


Handelsbanken is a Swedish bank with an international presence that offers personal advice and tailored financial solutions to their customers.
jyske bank

Jyske Bank

Jyske Bank is one of Denmark’s largest banks, offering a wide selection of banking and financial products as well as investment opportunities.
lessor logo


Lessor is a Danish provider of payroll systems that offers integrated solutions for payroll and HR administration.


Mastercard is a global leader in payment solutions, offering credit and debit cards to consumers, businesses and financial institutions worldwide.