Experience a smooth process with our integrations options – a wide range of ERP solutions, payroll systems and other systems – while increasing efficiency in your already exisiting processes in your organisation.

Accounting data ready for your company's financial system

Integration with your finance system is a basic prerequisite for optimal use of an Expense Management solution. Acubiz integrates with all systems, either through file export or with automatic data exchange. Especially the automatic data exchange will save you a lot of manual work hours.

Payroll Data Integration for Your Company's Payroll System

Integration with your salary system makes it easy to export payroll data for processing – from expenses and per diems to mileage and time tracking, depending on the features used in Acubiz. We integrate with all systems, either through file export or with automatic data exchange.

Other System Integrations with Acubiz

Deep integrations are integrations that go across tools and other vendors. These are the suppliers where it is relevant to exchange data on expenditure. Which suppliers depend on the individual company, but it can for example be telecommunications companies, petrol companies, leasing companies, parking providers, taxi companies and similar

Acubiz integrations

American Express logo

American Express

Connect Acubiz to American Express.
ATPI logo


Acubiz connect to ATPI.
Bank connect logo

Bank Connect

Connect Acubiz to Bank Connect.
Billy logo


Connect Acubiz to Billy.
Brobizz logo


Connect Acubiz to Brobizz.
danløn logo


Connect Acubiz to Danløn.
Danske Bank logo

Danske Bank

Connect Acubiz to Danske Bank.
dinero logo


Connect Acubiz to Dinero.
Diners Club International Logo

Diners Club International

Connect Acubiz to Diners Club International.
Eurocard logo


Connect Acubiz to Eurocard.
Finago logo


Connect Acubiz to Finago/Procounter.
first card logo

First Card

Connect Acubiz to First Card.
Handelsbanken logo


Connect Acubiz to Handelsbanken.
Jyske Bank logo

Jyske Bank

Connect Acubiz to Jyske Bank.
Lessor logo


Connect Acubiz to Lessor.
mastercard logo


Connect Acubiz to Mastercard.