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Easy Travel Expense Reporting

Gain a comprehensive overview of all expenses, and submit them all for approval at once.

Bye Huge Piles of Receipts, Hello

Digital Registration

Register, process, and complete expenses from your phone.

Submit All at Once

The expenses are gathered digitally and submitted all at once.

Expense Overview

Keep track on expenses on a busy business trip.

How It Works

Travel Expense Reports with Ease

1. Enter travel duration

Add relevant travel information such as duration and destination.

2. Add receipt

Choose among existing or create new.

3. Submit for approval

When all receipts are added, the travel expense can be submitted for approval.

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The Alternative to Classic Travel Expense Reports

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The Classic One: Travel Expense Report

In the conventional travel expense report process, employees gather all receipts related to a specific activity, like a business trip. They then consolidate these receipts and submit them as a batch for approval to the approver and finance department. While this was once the norm, it can create month-end bottlenecks for finance departments.

The Alternative: Real-Time Expense Reporting

Today, many seek a more efficient way to track expenses, especially during activities like business trips. This has led many companies to handle expenses as they occur. This simply means that employees manage each individual expense transaction, whether it’s a cash outlay, a purchase on a company card, or company-related mileage, as soon as the expense arises and submit it for approval immediately.

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What are travel expenses?
Travel expenses refer to the costs associated with business travel. This can include expenses such as airfare, hotel stays, transportation, meals, and other costs stemming from business trips.

Instead of manually collecting all receipts, employees can handle each expense transaction in real time. Whether it’s a cash outlay, a purchase on a company card, or business-related mileage, as soon as the expense occurs, employees can submit it for approval directly from their phone.

The benefits of real-time expense management include ongoing visibility into expenses, the elimination of large piles of receipts for later recording, and faster and more efficient handling of expenses during activities like business travel.