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Company Card Purchases

Make it easy to manage expenses from company card purchases. Ditch the paperwork and embrace a more efficient and hassle-free approach to expense tracking.

Bye personal outlays, Hello

Mobile Receipt Registration

Quick registration and management of receipts for company card purchases.

Automatic Transaction

Data Retrieval Receipts and credit card transactions are automatically matched.

Automatic Bookkeeping

Acubiz provides accounting-ready data after approval.

Benefits of Digital Registration and Management of Expenses Made with Company Cards


Enjoy freedom and flexibility in your work life in case that a purchase must find place.


Acubiz streamlines the approval process, saving valuable time and effort for approvers. Automation minimizes manual tasks, reducing the chances of errors. Mobile approval offers flexibility, while audit support aids in accountability.

Finance Department

Remember the waiting game for receipts? That’s over. Acubiz ensure ongoing registrations and documentation. Avoid that all registrations are ticking in at the end of each month.


Flexibilty for the benefit of your company. Give your employees the opportunity of showing economically responsibility.

Trusted by nearly 300,000 users spread over 52 countries and close to 1,000 companies

Used by many all year around

Yearly Card Transactions

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Yearly Cash Transactions

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Digital Handling of Company Card Purchases

Transforming Manual Processes to Digital Bliss for Company Card Expenses

A manual process is often time-consuming and cumbersome because post-processing involves collecting documentation, entering data, accounting, and verifying information. A digitised and automated process significantly reduces administrative time, as many details are automatically loaded into the system, and the workflow itself is automated.

With a digital process for company card purchases, documentation also becomes digital, making it easy to retrieve the original receipt. Having an overview provides better opportunities for budget planning and cost control

Unlock Efficiency with a streamlined Company Card Expenses flow

Businesses have the option to issue company cards to employees, which can then be used as a payment method for company-related expenses.

When an employee makes a purchase related to their daily work or at business trips, there is naturally post-processing work involved in documenting the receipt and purpose, approving, verifying, accounting, and recording the expense. All of this happens digitally and automatically with Acubiz, which can seamlessly integrate with your company credit cards.

"It's easy, it's fast and it's user-friendly."

Louise Østvand

Team Lead, KAB

Your Questions. Answered.

What do corporate card purchases entail?

Purchasing with a corporate card refers to acquisitions made by employees using a company-issued credit card. It can be used for expenses related to business trips, purchases, and other company-related transactions.

With the help of modern technology, employees can digitally record electronic receipts and other associated expenses linked to purchases made with a corporate card. This digital recording simplifies accounting and reporting.

The advantages of digital management include time savings, accuracy, and reduced administrative work. It makes life easier for both employees and the finance department.