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Unlock Your Foreign VAT Refunds

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Let Us Help You Reclaim Your Foreign VAT

Don't Leave Your Money Behind

As a VAT-registered company, you have the opportunity to reclaim foreign VAT. However, for many businesses, the application process can appear daunting and time-consuming, to the extent that some companies opt not to seek VAT refunds, leaving significant sums with tax authorities.
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Our Cooperation With Cash Back / VAT IT

Together with Cash Back / VAT IT, we will help you streamline the process and return your foreign VAT to the rightful owner. There is a lot of money to reclaim, as the average VAT rate in Europe is 21%.

We’ve teamed up with experts within the field, so let us help you get your money back. It’s money for your bottom line.

"It was a really nice implementation process, where we clarified our needs and they were met."

Nina Hjorthmose

Senior Consultant, Accounting, BDO

Your Questions. Answered.

What is VAT refund?

VAT refund is a process where VAT-registered companies can request a reimbursement of the foreign VAT they have paid on goods and services in other countries. This helps reduce the overall costs of business activities in foreign locations.

Through our collaboration with experts such as Cash Back / VAT IT, we streamline the application process for you. These experts specialize in handling VAT refunds and can ensure that companies maximize their reimbursements with minimal effort.

You should apply for a VAT refund because your company can achieve significant savings and improve liquidity. This can help free up funds that can be invested in the growth and development of your business. In this way, you also prevent valuable money from remaining with tax authorities and instead use it to the advantage of your company.