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Automated Invoice Management

Simplify the process of receiving, reviewing, and processing invoices, reducing manual data entry and errors.

Goodbye Heavy Processes, Hello to

Automated Workflow of Invoice Management

A faster and more efficient workflow for employees and the finance department.

Flexible and Efficient Approval Flow

Approval on mobile or desktop – Anywhere, anytime.

Optimal Utilization of Employee Resources

Leave time-consuming data entry and lack of visibility in the past.

Enjoy Our Collaboration with Compello

Automatic Invoice Management with Compello

Compello is a pioneer in simplified invoice management and intelligent accounting. Using artificial intelligence and predefined rules, they will save our customers valuable time in handling incoming invoices.

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Step by Step

Simple Workflow for Invoice Management with Compello

Invoice Receipt

Receive your invoice via mail, PDF, or EHF.
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Accurate Interpretation Process

Our intelligent interpreter captures and matches PO and other relevant information with 99.6% accuracy.
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Automatic Approval

The invoice is automatically sent for approval based on interpreted information.
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Simple Accounting

Artificial intelligence and our policies prepare the invoice for accounting with one click.

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Quick Integration into the Financial System

Once all approvers have endorsed it, the invoice is sent directly to your financial system.

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Invoice Management Should Be Straightforward

Efficient Invoice Receipt

The invoice is handled and seamlessly transferred to your ERP system.

Precise PO Matching

Automatic matching between invoice and received goods down to the line item level.

Streamlined Reference Check

Link invoice information with the cost bearer in Compello, ranging from values to descriptions.

Automated Posting

Easily automate repetitive invoices using artificial intelligence and intelligent rules.

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Yearly Invoices Processed

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Invoice Management Should Be Easy

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Invoice Management with Acubiz

With Acubiz, this workflow can be set up to happen automatically. Invoices are automatically scanned upon receipt, and the data is automatically captured and classified.

The invoice will be automatically sent for verification by the requester and then for final approval. Once the invoice is approved, accounting-ready data is ready for automatic transfer or upload to the financial system.

Complete Digital Documentation of Invoices

With an automated and digital invoice process, both overview and control over documentation are guaranteed. This also means that it becomes easy to trace back to the original invoice and follow its journey from purchase to approval.

Acubiz can handle most invoice formats (e.g., OIOUBL, EAN, and PDF invoices).

Handling of Electronic Invoices (E-invoices)

An invoice, also known as a cost invoice or supplier invoice, specifies and requests payment for the goods or services agreed upon between the supplier and the customer.

An electronic invoice, or an e-invoice, is not simply an invoice sent as a PDF, for example. Electronic invoices are sent and received in a standardized and structured format, such as OIOUBL/EAN.

We'll Help You Get Started

We’ll assist you in setting up the automated process. We can help you with receiving all future electronic invoices in OIOUBL format from suppliers directly into Acubiz. We are also available to help configuring creditors, accounts, and dimensions.

Adapting Acubiz to your organisational structure is also something we can help with. Creditors can be set up with default accounting, allowing automatic recognition. Distribution rules and approvers can be set up based on your company’s organisational structure.

Your Questions. Answered.

What is digital invoice management?
Digital invoice management is a modern way of handling and processing invoices. It reduces the need for manual data entry and decreases the risk of errors within the company. You can say goodbye to cumbersome, time-consuming processes and instead enjoy a faster and more efficient way of managing invoices.

An electronic invoice, also known as an e-invoice, is not just a PDF invoice but any invoice that is sent or received electronically. Acubiz helps in receiving and handling electronic invoices, saving you time and improving efficiency in the invoice management process.

When an invoice arrives, it is automatically scanned, and the relevant information is extracted. The invoice is then sent for approval, which can be done from either a mobile device or a computer. Once approval is in place, the necessary financial data is ready for transfer to your financial system – completely automatically.