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Vacation registration


Why is vacation registration necessary?

Registration of vacation is essential because it ensures that employees get the number of vacation days they are entitled to. It also helps the company plan its workforce more effectively, keeping track of vacation requests and scheduling. Furthermore, it is an excellent way to ensure that labor laws regarding vacation are followed and that vacation pay is calculated and paid correctly.

You can register absence and vacation digitally with Acubiz

With one app, you can make life easier for everyone in the company, where everyone can register working hours, sickness, expenses, or vacation and get an overview of approved registrations.

What does the vacation law say about vacation?

The Vacation Act regulates the right to vacation and holiday allowance for employees in Denmark. Among other things, the law states that every employee has the right to vacation and that vacation must be taken before the end of the calendar year in which the vacation is accrued.

You can learn more about the Vacation Law here.

According to the law, vacation must be paid as part of the regular salary, and the employer may not deny the employee the right to take a vacation unless there are special reasons for it.

An employer must notify the employee at least three months before the main vacation begins and no later than one month before the vacation starts for other vacation days. Main vacation is the term for employees’ right to take three weeks of paid vacation. The three consecutive weeks are called the main vacation.

Digital vacation registration

Many companies today have begun using digital tools for vacation registration. This makes it easier for employees to register vacation days, and it makes it easier for the manager to keep track of vacation planning, as they can approve the registration continuously.

Digital vacation registration also often takes place from mobile phones, making it possible for employees and management to register and approve at any time and from anywhere.

Do you want to know more?

With Acubiz, you can digitally and efficiently ensure correct vacation registration across the entire company. It will also reduce the risk of errors and deficiencies in vacation registration.

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