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What is Acubiz?

Acubiz is a fintech SaaS company within the field of Expense Management. The name ‘Acubiz’ is a contraction of the words Accurate Business, and this is exactly what is possible with Acubiz; we keep track of all sorts of your business related expenses.

Acubiz collects, manages and optimizes all administrative sub-processes around all types of employee initiated expenses. At the same time, we ensure correct documentation and accounting in accordance with bookkeeping and tax law. The vast majority of companies can benefit from Acubiz, for as we say; when doing business, expenses occur and they have to be handled.

The background of Acubiz?

Acubiz was established in 1997 with the purpose of streamlining and simplifying businesses administrative processes. A purpose that, to a large extent, still applies today. Our founder and longtime CEO, Lars de Nully, was tired of manual administrative tasks and instead fascinated by digitization and automation. This combination led to the establishment of Acubiz.

Change of name and focus

In our first five years of life, our name was IT Consulting. This was our name until 2002 and we were an IT supplier who dealt with customized solutions. So we developed solutions based on customers’ inquiries and according to their needs and wishes. 

During 2002, we changed our name to Acubiz. In addition to changing name, we also changed focus. We chose to specialize in Expense Management, where we saw great potential in lightening the processes around employee initiated expenses.

25 years and many more adventures to come

The focus on Expense Management turned out to be a great idea. In 2022, we could celebrate our 25th anniversary and that we are used by more than 215.000 customers in over 1.000 companies in 46 countries. 

At the end of 2021, we started on a whole new adventure when we were acquired by Visma. As part of the Visma family, we are ready to lift our business further in the years to come, which is fully in line with our ambition to be the market’s preferred supplier of Expense Management software.

Want to know more?

We can help your company digitize and automate your expense management – whether it is outlays, purchases on company cards, allowances, mileage, supplier invoices, time registrations etc. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know how we can streamline your expense management.

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