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Attachment Management


What is attachment management?

Attachment management refers to the management of attachments and documents that your business has in connection with a purchase or sale.

This can be anything from invoices, receipts, contracts, or other essential documents.

You can handle electronic invoices automatically with Acubiz

Today, many companies have opted for digital receipt management, which you can get with Acubiz. It reduces manual work and ensures more efficiency and correct accounting.

Electronic attachment management

In the past decade, electronic attachment management has become more common.

Overall, it is easier to access and share electronic attachments. If multiple employees need to access the same attachment, it is much easier for everyone to access the document electronically – for example, via an online cloud.

If you are looking for a specific contract or invoice, you can easily do so by searching and filtering in electronic attachments. In addition, electronic attachment management eliminates the need to print and store paper receipts, making it a more environmentally friendly solution.

Attachment management via app

Attachment management via an app is effective because you avoid looking for crumpled receipts. Instead, you can scan and import receipts for various expenses, such as purchases from company cards to invoices and outlays.

With the Acubiz app, for example, you can gain increased insight and control over your company’s expenses with the ability to automate cost invoice management and integration with company cards, payroll, and financial systems.

You get a clear overview of your attachments, which can streamline your entire expense management.

To the benefit of the entire company

As an employee, you save time on administration by registering and documenting your expenses. Instead, use your phone to scan, approve, and keep attachments.

If you are the person in the company who approves attachments, it is much faster when you can approve directly from your phone – or when you are on the go.

The finance department can also more easily handle ongoing reimbursement rather than significant bottlenecks at the end of the month. An app can provide complete visibility into registrations, ensuring correct accounting.

If you are part of management, you can look forward to better resource and budget management as attachment management becomes a more stable and streamlined process.

Do you want to know more?

Do you want more efficient attachment management? With Acubiz, you can manage attachments through an app, which is efficient and time-saving. It integrates with your company’s financial system and makes everyday administrative tasks more manageable.

Contact us if you want to know how we can help your business or book a free online demo to learn more.

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