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What is a daybook?

A daybook is used in everyday bookkeeping and it shows the company’s deposits and withdrawals. Every day, many different transactions flow in and out of the business. A daybook helps keeping track of them. 

It is a legal requirement that companies check and balancing the cash balance on an ongoing basis. Of course, this is also in the company’s interest, as the company thus has a constant overview of the transactions. The daybook comes into its own here, as it serves as a tool for balancing and checking the cash balance.

Daybook and bookkeeping

As mentioned before, the daybook is used in daily bookkeeping. When companies are posting, they enter all the entries in the daybook (they can also enter automatically) and thereafter they are booked.

With Acubiz, you can get your data into the daybook automatically

An import method can be created in the finance system, which can read Acubiz’ bookkeeping data and transfer them to the company’s daybook. The integration makes it possible to transfer the data automatically within the systems.

The daybook can have different styles. There exist both simpler and more complex versions and it depends one the company’s needs whether the simple or complicated version is needed.

Example from everyday life

One of the classic examples is a shop or a restaurant. They use a daybook every single day. A clothing store, for example, enters the day’s income and costs/expenses in the daybook. An example of the income will, in this case, often be the customer’s purchases. Money paid back to the customer, if the customer returns something, is an example of the costs.

Do you want to know more?

At Acubiz, we can help you with the digitization of your company’s expense management and integration with your company card and financial system. Learn more about what software integrations are here, or read more about the integrations options with Acubiz.

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