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ERP system


What is an ERP system?

An ERP system is a software solution that connects all work processes and work areas together in an organization. ERP is short for Enterprise Ressource Planning, and is – as the name implies – helping create better planning and a more effective use of company resources as department status and all processes are available and visible in one system.

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An ERP system can keep track on everything from finances, orders and procurement to inventory, customer management and staff. All together, it becomes one unified system for the company where status and data from various departments are automatically shared. This means that the employees can in an easy way stay updated on the general status of the organization. The impact of such a system are, among other things, increased productivity and a greater overview across business areas.

Who can benefit from an ERP system?

Most organizations would benefit from using an ERP system. Especially e-commerce companies would benefit because it would be possible for the salesperson check inventory status at the same time as creating the order – in the same system.

An ERP system is not always cheap. If it is not implemented in the right way, starting up with a new software may turn out to cost more money than the system is worth for the organization.

Of course, an ERP system cannot do all the work for you, but it can make potential problems clear and then based on this new knowledge learn how to improve and optimize these work processes.

ERP system providers

There are a number of prominent organizations providing ERP software, including Oracle Corp.SAP and Microsoft.

The software in the ERP systems is constantly improving and has evolved significantly since the first system saw the light of day.

Most ERP systems used today are located online, which means that the employees always can access the system – also when they are not physical at the office.

Integration to ERP systems

When an organization are using more systems, applications and tools, it is ideal to make integrations between these systems and applications in order for data and communication flow in an efficient way. In that way, the work flow is optimized and it will save you for both time and resources in the organization.

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