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Input VAT


What is input VAT (purchase VAT)?

VAT (Value Added Tax) is a tax supplement in Denmark that must be paid on purchasing goods or services. Here, the tax is split between input VAT and output VAT.

Output VAT is the tax imposed when a company sells goods or services. Input VAT (also called deductible VAT), on the other hand, is the tax imposed when a company purchases goods or services.

The VAT is paid by the buyer to the seller, after which the seller later deducts the VAT amount from their VAT settlement to the tax authorities.

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How much is VAT?

VAT is 25%. If your business sells taxable goods or services, you must add 25% on top of the sales price the customer must pay.

However, if you need to calculate back to see how much a product costs before VAT or how much of the product’s price is VAT, you need to subtract 20%.

Here’s an example of selling a pair of pants:

Sales price (excluding VAT)

80 kroner

VATable amount (25%)

20 kroner

Total sales price:

100 kroner


If you need to calculate the price before VAT, you need to subtract 20% from the total sales price:

Total sales price

100 kroner

– 20 % (100 x 0,2)

20 kroner

Sales price excluding VAT:

80 kroner

Input VAT must be included in your VAT accounting

All VAT-registered companies in Denmark must submit a VAT return each year.

The return is settled with Skattestyrelsen (tax authorities) and is used to calculate whether a company has had more input than output VAT. When the accounting is made up, you can see whether you owe money in VAT or are entitled to a VAT refund.

If your accounting shows that output VAT exceeds input VAT, it is a good indicator that you are generating more sales than you are purchasing. This is a sign that you are running a healthy business.

It must be clear from the accounting what input VAT is and what output VAT is. It must also be clear what goods and services your company has purchased so that they can be deducted from the VAT accounting.

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What is input VAT?
Input VAT is the VAT that businesses pay on goods and services they purchase from other companies.
The difference between input VAT and output VAT is that input VAT (also known as purchase VAT) is the VAT that a business pays to other businesses when purchasing goods and services. On the other hand, output VAT (or sales VAT) is the VAT that a business charges on goods and services it sells to customers.

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