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Online invoice


What is an online invoice?

An online invoice is an invoice that is sent or received digitally via e-mail in a PDF format.
In other words, an online invoice is a renewed PDF version of an ordinary physical invoice in paper format. It is therefore a document sent online to the buyer, specifying the purchase of a product or service.

With Acubiz it is possible to handle online invoices

This is done in three phases: scanning and data capture, accounting and approval, and finally exporting data. You can read more here.

How is an online invoice prepared?

An online invoice must contain the same content as a physical invoice(LINK). Online invoices can be prepared in your finance system. Many use an invoice template, which saves them from having to set up a new invoice each time they need to send one. It is of course also possible to prepare the invoice manually in e.g. a Word or Excel document.
It is easiest and fastest to prepare an online invoice through your accounting program.

Who uses online invoices?

All companies can use online invoices. It is up to private companies to decide for themselves whether they want to use digital invoices exclusively, or whether they want to mix the use of online, electronic, and paper invoices.

It is important to be aware that public institutions in Denmark cannot receive anything other than electronic invoices. If you have customers in the public sector to whom you supply services or goods, you must send them an electronic invoice with an EAN number and in an OIOUBL format.

What is the difference between an online invoice and an e-invoice?

An online invoice and an electronic invoice are both forms of digital invoices, but they are not the same. An online invoice is sent exclusively, as mentioned above, by e-mail in a PDF format. Electronic invoices are sent and received in financial systems via an EAN number, GLN number, P number, or CVR number. Electronic invoices are sent in standardized formats such as OIOUBL or OIOXML.

Do you want to know more?

At Acubiz, we can help you with the digitization of your company’s expense management and integration with your company card and financial system. Learn more about what software integrations are here, or read more about the integrations options with Acubiz.

Contact us if you want to know how we can help your business or book a free online demo to learn more.

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