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Remote Work


What is Remote Work?

Remote work is when an employee works from their own residence.

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It’s also known as remote work, telecommuting, or hybrid work – different terms for the same concept. The common denominator is that the employee does not work at the physical office and can, in principle, work across geographical boundaries. If the employee has a computer and Wi-Fi, they can work in Thailand as well as at the office in Thisted, for example.

Rules for Remote Work

Remote workers are subject to several rules regarding how the home workplace should be.

Below, you can learn more about the various rules for remote work.

At least two days of remote work

An employee is subject to remote work rules if they work from home more than two days a week.

In that case, the employer must comply with special rules for the home office design – regardless of where the work is performed.

If an employee works two days from home and two days in the office, at least one of the places must be designed according to special equipment and design requirements.

Screen and necessary equipment

There are rules for the equipment a remote worker needs, where the employee may use their private desk, chair, and computer if they meet the current requirements.

Here is a list of the requirements:

  • The computer screen must be separated from the keyboard and able to rotate/tilt as needed.
  • The keyboard must be separated from the computer screen.
  • There must be sufficient space in front of the keyboard to rest your hands and forearms on the tabletop.
  • There must be sufficient space on and under the desk. The sitting and working height must fit the employee who works at the table and the tasks performed.
  • The office chair’s seat and back must be adjustable in height, and the back must be able to be tilted.
  • General lighting and work lamps must ensure sufficient lighting. There must also be a suitable contrast between the computer screen and the surroundings, ideal for the task and the employee’s vision.


If the employee’s own equipment does not meet the requirements, the employer must provide the necessary furniture and equipment, such as a computer, screen, keyboard, mouse, chair, etc.

You can learn more about the rules on the Danish Working Environment Authority’s website.

Pros and Cons of Remote Work

Below is a list of the advantages and disadvantages for the employer and the employee.

For the employer:



Increased flexibility in working hours and location can result in greater productivity and satisfaction among employees.

Challenges in maintaining good social interaction among employees.

Reduction of office expenses such as rent, electricity, furniture, and IT equipment.

Challenges with security related to the company’s data and information if employees use their personal equipment.

Opportunity to employ skilled employees regardless of their location in the world.

Lack of direct monitoring and control of employees’ work can lead to less productivity.

Possible decrease in sick leave, as employees cannot infect each other.

Increased risk of overwork and stress among employees, as it can be difficult to distinguish between work and free time when working from home.

Increased productivity among employees.

Hindered knowledge sharing and creativity.

For the employee:



Freedom and flexibility to determine where and when you want to work.

No social interaction with colleagues and managers.

No commuting time and expenses.

Harder to separate work and personal time.

Ability to customize work environment to personal preferences.

Lack of access to tools and equipment typically found in the workplace.

Greater focus on work due to fewer interruptions.

Increased risk of isolation and lack of motivation as a result.

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