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Software Integration


What is software integration?

Software integration is the process of connecting different individual software solutions, systems, or applications to work together. Integrations are set up to automate the exchange of data between two or more systems. This saves time and resources while also enabling real-time data exchange, all of which contribute to increasing efficiency and productivity for both the company and its employees.

You can optimize the process of expenses with Acubiz

Common to software integrations is that they result in better visibility, control, and workflow efficiency for employees, as well as for the finance department and management. For example, you can integrate with your company cards, financial systems, and salary systems.

It is possible to establish both one-way and two-way integrations. A one-way integration refers to a process where data flows from one system to another, while a two-way integration allows data to flow in both directions.

When is integration necessary?

Software or system integrations may be required for a variety of reasons, with some of the more common ones including:

  1. Data migration from an older system to a new one.
  2. Consolidation of various standalone and existing systems.
  3. When purchasing new software, where integrations with other systems and tools are already available or should be an option.

Benefits of integrations

There are many advantages to software integrations, as explained below:

Increased Employee Productivity:

When employees are burdened by inefficient and disparate systems, it’s challenging for them to work optimally. For instance, a company with different systems for expense reporting, mileage tracking, and time recording can be cumbersome for employees to handle. It’s also challenging for the finance department to manage accounting across multiple systems.

Lower IT Costs:

When systems and applications communicate or work together, there’s a significant opportunity for optimization in terms of both time and money spent on maintenance and customizations in these systems and applications.

Fewer Errors and More Time for Core Tasks:

When both processes and data flow more automatically, it often results in fewer errors and frees up time for employees to focus on more meaningful and interesting tasks.

Integration with company cards, accounting systems, salary systems, etc.

Software integrations should make sense for your specific company. Therefore, with Acubiz, it’s possible to integrate with company cards, accounting systems, or salary systems. You can also integrate with telecom providers, fuel companies, parking and leasing services, travel agencies, and hotels.

Common to these integrations is that they provide better visibility, control, and workflow efficiency for employees, as well as for the finance department and management.

Want to learn more?

At Acubiz, we have many years of experience in digitizing and optimizing expense management and time registration processes using digital tools that are readily available—your computer and mobile device. We particularly focus on integrations with company cards, accounting systems, and salary systems, as these integrations offer the best user experience with our solution.

If you’d like to learn more about how your company can benefit from our solution and/or integrations, please feel free to contact us and possibly request a demonstration.

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