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Travel invoice


What is a travel invoice?

A travel invoice is very similar to a regular invoice. The difference between them is that travel invoices are only issued by travel agencies. Therefore, the same legal requirements apply to the design of the travel invoice as they do to an ordinary invoice. A correctly drawn up travel invoice contains:

  • Invoice number
  • Issue date
  • Buyer’s name and address (and CVR number if it is a company)
  • Seller’s name, address, and CVR number
  • Specification of the product or type of service, including price and quantity
  • VAT and total amount (VAT amount must be on the invoice to be entitled to deductable VAT).
  • Any other taxes or charges
  • Possibly the total amount for the invoice

Since travel invoices deal with (yes, you guessed it) travel, you can, therefore, also find information about flights, accommodation, meals, and other services ordered as part of the business trip via the invoice. A travel invoice, therefore, also serves as proof of the expenses linked to the trip. This is beneficial when/if you need to disclose exactly what you’ve spent the company’s money on.

You can automate the handling of travel invoices with Acubiz

You can integrate your travel agency with Acubiz. All you need to provide is the name of the travel agency. Avoid manual work with your travel invoices.

Automated travel invoices

The process of handling travel invoices, unfortunately, requires a lot of typing – unless you choose to automate the process. By means of an integration between a company’s Expense Management system and travel agency, it is possible to ensure automatic matching between travel invoices and credit card transactions. Handy right?

This means that your company’s Expense Management system and the travel agency can “communicate” and reconcile the values ​​in the invoice. You don’t have to manually enter the values ​​and you don’t have to worry about typos.

Why should companies automate travel invoices?

Automating the process around handling travel invoices means a reduction in manual work that can easily be made redundant via the aforementioned integration. This means that employees are freed up for more value-creating tasks. Thereby, the efficiency in the administration of business trips is increased, the process is sped up, and the risk of mistakes made in relation to handling is reduced, as mentioned earlier. In addition, it will be easier to keep an overview of travel expenses in the company. This can give food for thought in relation to travel policies within the company.

Automate the handling of travel invoices with Acubiz

Once the name has been given, we put together an agreement with them. When the agreement has been concluded, invoices and booking confirmations will be sent to your Acubiz account and the traveler’s email. This is done automatically, and therefore, there is no need for manual data entry.

All this contributes to an easy and convenient process for both the travelers and the finance department.

Want to know more?

Whether or not you use a traveling agency for business travel, Acubiz can help you simplify the process of handling travel invoices. 

Contact us if you want to learn more about our solutions or if you have any questions. 

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