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Acubiz and Nykredit enter into partnership

Nykredit and Acubiz forge a partnership, introducing the NEM – Nykredit Expense Manager app to aid small businesses in managing expenses, mileage, and receipts. This collaboration combines Nykredit’s MasterCard solution with Acubiz’s two-decade expertise in Expense Management. The NEM app, launching soon, aims to make business operations 25% more efficient, as per a recent survey.
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Nykredit Bank launches an app targeted the company’s business customers, which will make it easier for business owners with 1-10 employees to register expenses, mileage and handle receipts. The app NEM – Nykredit Expense Manager – is the result of a partnership and close cooperation between Nykredit and Acubiz.

“At Nykredit Bank, we are committed to giving our business customers a little more time in everyday life by creating administrative easing, and the combination of our MasterCard solution and Acubiz’ app is an excellent example of how we can succeed together,” says Carsten Kruse, Director of Retail Business at Nykredit.

Acknowledgement of Acubiz

“The partnership with Nykredit and the development of NEM is an acknowledgement of Acubiz and our Expense Management expertise, which we have built for 20 years. Today, more than 130,000 employees in more than 33 countries use Acubiz Expense Management. Together with Nykredit we look forward to creating value for a customer group of smaller companies,” says Lars de Nully, CEO & Founder, Acubiz.

NEM will be launched in early March

Nykredit is the first Danish bank to offer its business customers a digital Expense Management Service. NEM is in the air in early March and will initially target customers with Nykredit Mastercard Business.

Survey documents 25% time saving

The value of digital handling of expenses and receipts has been cemented in a new Nordic survey, which concludes, among other things, that with digital Expense Management Services including credit card, app and web solution, businesses are on average 25% more efficient than with manual routines. The survey has been conducted for Eurocard by the Royal Institute of Technology among 1000 respondents. Get more information here.

Read more about the NEM app in FinansWatch:


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