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Acubiz highlights the importance of digitization for efficiency, safety, and employee satisfaction. Embracing digital tools is vital for modern business growth.
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Digitization is often associated with company efficiency, productivity and competitivity. But these factors are not the only benefits. We encourage a digitally-driven workplace and we have developed 5 recommendations and benefits of digitizing your internal processes.

1. Invest in innovative technology to create an attractive working environment

A study conducted by the networking specialist Aruba, shows that organisations must embrace the digital reality if they want to stay competitive and attract the best talent. New technology will be driving the future of work. Both current and next generations will be expecting innovative and digital working environment.

Embracing a digital society is also supported by politicians. In the beginning of the year, the Danish government published a strategy for digital growth and how to maintain and become a part of our digital society. One of the points in the strategy is to support the digitization of SME (small and medium-sized enterprises), in order to strengthen their business, productivity and competitive position. Choosing to join the digital journey is a natural step of development – as a society, as an individual and as a workplace.

2. Digitization will internally benefit the entire organisation

Going digital will in most cases benefit several departments’ and employees throughout an organisation. If you choose to digitize your expense management process, it will first and foremost benefit the individual employee as he or she can easily register and document their expenses the right away and save time. Furthermore, Finance and Management will benefit from a completely digital overview and transparent solution, avoiding loose receipts and bunks of invoices. Digitizing your expense management processes is just an example of the many options you and your company may seek to create value across the organisation.

3. Do not compromise with digital safety when choosing a digital partner

The digital future provides clear benefits however, it also introduces us to new risks and challenges. A recommendation is therefore to make sure, that your digital suppliers and partners are chosen wisely. Make sure that the they are GDPR compliant and have a consent. Challenge them with questions about their hosting company regarding more sensitive data to make sure that the process is handled well. In this way, you ensure high digital security.

The digital workplace study from Aruba shows that the security of the company, the employees and the customers are more exposed and subject to external threats. Thus, it is important to constantly keep the security aspects in mind, when digitizing your workplace.

4. New digital solutions will show bottom line results

Workplace technology is associated with productivity and efficiency – and has proven to create positive bottom line results. One of the reasons for this is due to fewer mistakes. Take digital expense management as an example. Employee expenses are all managed and calculated through a digital platform, so you avoid typing errors and ensure transparency and accurate results, ultimately leading to both time and money savings.

The transparency and obvious opportunity to draw informative data from digital solutions provides knowledge based on facts and statistics. For instance, knowledge about employee behavior and expenses can be valuable information and used as guidance within company policy and how to achieve cost-savings. This is moreover supported by one of the points in the digital strategy developed by the Danish government. Danish companies should use their digital data to create growth and increase their bottom line results.

5. Focus on your employees – digitization creates employee motivation and job satisfaction

A tendency which the digital workplace study from Aruba focuses on is how digitization not only equals productivity and efficiency. It also leads to personal job satisfaction and employee motivation. The report shows that not only do these new technologies help people to do their job better, but it makes them happier and more satisfied at work. In Acubiz, we experience users and employees who get a new job wanting to bring their digital solution with them due to the value it has. A notable example in Acubiz is Group Finance Manager at Junckers Industries A/S, Jesper Christiansen, who wanted to maintain a digital flow within Expense Management. Therefore, he introduced the solution at his new workplace and made his colleagues see the benefits with a digital solution and how it increases job satisfaction.

The above recommendations and benefits are just fractions of all the advantages that the digital future provides us with. The bottom line is, that encouraging the digital development by implementing digital tools and processes will bring value to your employees and the entire company in so many ways. A digital environment is making room for new possibilities, knowledge and growth. Not taking advantage of digitization could make your company fall behind in a fast-growing digital society.

If you are interested in digitizing your expense management processes, contact us for more information about Acubiz EMS and our all in one app Acubiz One.

*The Right Technologies Unlock the Potential of the Digital Workplace – report by Aruba based on a Digital Workplace Study

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