5 Questions for You, CFO!

In about four months, as the year approaches its conclusion, companies review their annual results. This typically includes the performance and financial results of the past year, as well as goals and strategies for the upcoming year.

The actual costs associated with manually handling expenses

Der er mange omkostninger relateret til manuel håndtering af udgifter

We are often asked questions along the lines of, “how expensive is Acubiz?” or “isn’t it expensive to acquire a system for handling our expenses?”.

Let us try to reverse the question by asking, “do you know how much you spend on handling expenses?”.

3 myths about Expense Management

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Explore common myths about Expense Management, including its applicability to all company sizes, its ease of implementation, and its broader benefits beyond cost savings.

Visma Acubiz and LOPI enter partnership

Rasmus Poulsen fra LOPI

Visma Acubiz and LOPI partner to offer LOPI’s members a digital Expense Management solution, streamlining expense processes for local banks and co-operatives.

5 apps that will make you breeze through 2023

Kickstart 2023 with 5 top apps that refine workflows across Microsoft, Google, or multiple platforms. Streamline tasks, enhance engagement, and even involve customers in product development.

How we use Acubiz

Sådan bruger vi Acubiz

Acubiz can handle expenses, purchases made on company cards, time registration, mileage, invoices, etc.