Best podcasts for the travelling salesman

The 5 best and most relevant podcasts for when driving og travelling for meetings.
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It’s 5:40 and you’ve just fastened your seatbelt and ahead of you is three hours of driving before you arrive at your first client meeting. When you tune in on the radio, the night shows are still on but you need something to get you going and to wake you up. The solution is podcasts.

That’s why we have assembled a list of the five best English language podcasts, that might be of high importance for your job as a salesman or more importantly, give you new ideas on how you look at your job and the tasks you carry out.

“Fintech Matters?”

Fintech Matters? is a podcast by Copenhagen Fintech. The podcast revolves around the big question: If fintech matters? And the the natural follow up: What is the potential impact on a global scale? And finally: Is fintech delivering on its promise to make the world a better place? These big questions entail subjects as how a new financial infrastructure is being built while we speak and why we should all care. The podcast is a part of the global alliance project and funded by The Danish Industry Foundation.

Listen to Fintech Matters?

“The Advanced Selling Podcast”

Our second recommendation focuses on tactical tips and techniques that a salesman can implement immediately. Some of the topics might not be of interest for you, as they are differentiated every week. Some you might already be doing, and then you can move on to the next subject, that you might learn from. You can get even more out of this podcast by downloading its app, which’ll give you access to bonus content and the ability to ask the hosts questions. You can also join the LinkedIn group for the opportunity to connect with other sales professionals and swap advice.

Listen to The Advanced Selling Podcast

“The Salesman Podcast”

This is another sales podcast but it’s something else. In The Salesman Podcast you can learn more about the role of influence, body language, and psychology in sales. Sales professionals at all levels will find value in the host Will Barron’s interviews. The podcast is full of guest speakers and Barron often lets his guests take the center stage. The podcast is a gold mine, and you’ll find both former FBI agents and Stanford University professors in the series who will give you elicit tactical advice that you can implement in your endeavors straight away. If you are having a hard time of finding out where to start, let’s recommend these two episodes: “Why Your Beliefs About Money Are Holding You Back With Peter Sage” and “How to Master the Art of Prospecting With Mark Hunter”.

Listen to The Salesman Podcast

“Sell or Die”

In this selling podcast with the rather morbid name Sell or Die, best-selling author Jeffrey Gitomer and sales expert Jennifer Gluckow has teamed up to discuss the art and science of selling. In the podcast they invite leaders in sales, marketing, and personal development in, to join the conversation. Often the result is a lively discussions while subjects as rejection, artificial intelligence in sales and more is being dealt with. If you are to listen to just one episode, then find the one named “The Toughest Sale”. After you’ve listened to this one, no sale will ever seem overwhelming to you.

Listen to Sell or Die

Listen to Sell or Die

The Moth is really the odd one out in this relation. Nevertheless, it’s a phenomenon that has collected and shared stories for more than two decades now. It’s not long since we came across these storytelling aficionados at a conference in Copenhagen. That’s our loss, as we are way behind in listening to their intriguing stories, that are just perfect when you need to unwind after a long day of back to back client meetings. In their own words, this started as a whiskey-fueled dream in Georgia and has now evolved into a storytelling movement of today.

Listen to The Moth.

We hope that you will enjoy this list as much as we do!

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