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Frends x Acubiz: Platform Integration towards Administrative and Financial Processes

The Frends Integration Platform steps in to help elevate the flexibility and speed up the deployment of the Acubiz solutions.
Acubiz x Frends


Acubiz is a leading provider of expense management software and services and take care of the expense management processes for more than 1,000 companies and over 190,000 users in 45 countries. Acubiz integrates to various other tools used in the expense process – with a particular focus on integrations to company cards as well as finance, salary, and payroll systems. In addition, Acubiz integrates with petrol companies, parking providers, business travel agencies, telecommunications companies and many more.

The Frends integration platform speed up the deployment

Acubiz’ solutions are flexible and can be combined to fit a broad range of customer requirements. The final customer setup will depend on the needs and the required app stack. Here, the Frends Integration Platform steps in to help elevate the flexibility and speed up the deployment.

– At Acubiz we have a relentless customer process focus, meaning that we’re constantly looking into how the administrative hurdles related to managing business expenditure can be further optimized for our customers – all the way from purchase to bookkeeping. This also implies how data flows between Acubiz and other key customer systems. Frends is a perfect fit to support this, says Henrik Malling, COO at Acubiz.

Acubiz integrates with all systems, either through file export or with automatic data exchange. A global standard implementation typically takes 4-8 weeks but Frends can speed up the deployment of the solution towards a customer. That is done by significantly reducing integration work and providing a visual BPMN 2.0 interface to build integration and automation processes without any hard coding. Integrating new APIs with Frends is easy and secure via the distributed architecture of the platform. Frends makes it possible to design, publish and manage APIs using the API Management functionality and seamlessly add API endpoints for integration processes.

A partnership that creates synergy

Teams can monitor all integrations in real-time and across the API lifecycle. The Frends Platform supports the development and deployment of multi-cloud and hybrid solutions that will assist customers using legacy systems.

– Acubiz is one the strongest and globally recognized experts within the expense management category. Acubiz EMS (Expense Management Service) brings tools for all needs when it comes to handling company expenses. We’re thrilled to work with Acubiz and support them with customer on-boarding through Frends, says Miikka Aalto, Partner Manager at Frends

About Acubiz

Acubiz is a global Expense Management service provider with the purpose to innovate and simplify business administration to enable organizations to reach their full potential. Acubiz streamlines and automates the administrative processes related to all types of employee-initiated expenses.

Contact: Anders Friis, CCO, +4523398440, [email protected]

About Frends

Frends is a low-code integration-platform-as a-service on .Net stack. With us you can develop, manage and secure all your API integrations within one simple platform. Lean, low-code, and intuitive. Frends iPaaS helps various IT and Software consultancies extend solutions offering and deliver extra value to customers through integrations. With Frends you will be able to deliver high-quality integration and automation solutions on top of your IT services, and speed up API development.

Contact: Miikka Aalto, Partner Manager, +358 50 431 9255, [email protected]

About Frends Partnership Programme

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