How we use Acubiz

Acubiz can handle expenses, purchases made on company cards, time registration, mileage, invoices, etc.
Sådan bruger vi Acubiz


Acubiz can be used in many different ways. For example, we can handle expenses, purchases made on company cards, time registration, mileage, invoices, etc. Thus Acubiz is usable for all teams across an organization: sales, development, finance, marketing, HR, support, etc.

Here are some stories from our employees about how different types of employees use various Acubiz functions:

Michael, Brand and Communications Specialist

Many people refer to systems like ours as “travel expense systems.” And yes, Acubiz can be used for travel expense reports, but employees can also use it for various employee-related expenses. For example, I use Acubiz when I’m on the road as well as when I’m in the office. When I’m out and about, I handle, e.g., mileage for an event or expenses for a cup of coffee or lunch. In addition, I purchase software subscriptions and merchandise in the office with my company card. So, Acubiz can be used by all kinds of employees – not just those on the road.

Tanja, Controller 

I use Acubiz for many different things. Most of the time, I use Acubiz for scanning invoices and forwarding them to approvers, as well as bookkeeping, as export files can be imported into our finance system. Aside from that, I also use Acubiz for searching for invoices from suppliers. Lastly, I use Acubiz when I register my working hours and register outlays.

Palle, Senior Developer

When I make purchases with my company card, it automatically ends up in Acubiz. In addition, I can scan receipts for company-related expenses with AcubizOne and clear outlays for approval via AcubizOne or a web browser. I also register the hours I have spent on customer or development projects. I also track how many vacation days I have left, as I always register my vacations in the app.

Frederik, Account Manager

As I often am out of the office on customer visits, the Mileage function is well-loved by me. It’s great to have a digital tool to calculate mileage instead of doing it myself. The Expense function I use for all the expenses that occur concerning customer visits, whether for a cup of coffee, lunch, or something entirely different. If you’re in a company where the process regarding expenses is manual, this is a whole different experience.

Kasper, Senior Consultant

I use Acubiz when I deal with purchases made with my company card. I take a picture of the receipts at the time of purchase – and then I don’t have to spend any more time on that.  Additional features I use are time registration in our Time module as well as approval of supplier invoices.

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