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Meet Visma Acubiz: our intern Adrian

‘Meet Visma Acubiz’ is a series of articles that take you behind the scenes. The articles tell the stories of everyday heroes at Visma Acubiz. In this article, the spotlight is on Adrian Guillen, who is an intern in our Marketing team.


From studying to working

What is your role in Visma Acubiz?

I am doing an internship at Visma Acubiz, where I work as a marketing intern. My primary task is to work with digital marketing and communication. I am involved in several projects, including optimization of the company’s websites, blog and the production of marketing material.

Do you feel like you get to utilize your knowlegde from your studies in your work?

Yes definitely. I am studying Marketing Management and have had the opportunity to apply many of the theories and models I have learned during my education. Among other things, I have worked with the AIDA model and the customer journey, both of which are important in digital marketing.

How is life as a full-time employee versus life as a student?

As a full-time employee, I have been given more responsibility and have been challenged in a way that I was not as a student. I have had the opportunity to work on larger projects and learn more about how a company works.

Internship in Visma Acubiz

Which of your work tasks have you enjoyed the most?

I especially enjoyed working on the optimization of our websites and blog as it gave me the opportunity to use my creativity while learning more about SEO and web design. Producing marketing materials was also exciting as it allowed me to work on both my written and visual communication skills.

What has been the most fun about being an intern at Visma Acubiz?

The most fun part of being an intern at Visma Acubiz was definitely the team building day we had at the start of the internship. We were taken out of the office and to Timm Vladimir’s Køkken, where we had to prepare meals ourselves. It was a fun and different way to get to know my colleagues better, and at the same time I was allowed to challenge myself with some good dishes in the kitchen. It was also a good way to start the internship, as it broke the ice and made it easier to get into the work tasks afterwards.

Your internship leads to an assignment – what is that assignment going to be about?

My assignment will be about how you can use AI to make a workplace more efficient. I will research different forms of AI technology and how it can be used in existing marketing strategies to automate work tasks and improve productivity in a company.

Post internship

Has your time at Visma Acubiz made you more aware of what kind of work you can see yourself doing after your education?

Yes, my time at Visma Acubiz has made me more aware of what kind of work I want to look for after my education. I have learned a lot about marketing and digitization and I have found that it is an area that I am very interested in. I have also learned that it is important for me to work for a company that has a clear mission and vision.

Can you mention a fun thing about yourself?

A funny thing about myself is that I actually played soccer in FC Barcelona’s youth team when I was younger. Although I never got to play in the first team or become a professional footballer, it was a fantastic experience and a great honor to be able to train and play with some of the best young talents in the world. Soccer will always have a special place in my heart and I will continue to play and follow the sport.

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