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New collaboration with Jutlander Bank

“Acubiz has a really good fit, as we often get questions from our customers, about how the administrative burdens related to business expenses can be relieved”
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Acubiz and Jutlander Bank has entered a collaboration that means, that Jutlander Banks’ business customers will have easy access to Acubiz’ user friendly and proven Expense Management solution. A solution that eases the administrative tasks related to the daily expenses in a business – whatever we are talking company card purchases, employee outlays or cost invoices. With Acubiz, the whole spend process is digitized and automated – from the moment the purchase happens, to receipt and other documentation needs to be registered and on to approval, control and, in the end, bookkeeping in the finance system.

Jutlander Bank is headquartered in the city of Aars in the northern part of Jutland, Denmark. Jutlander Bank is the personal bank. This means that customer tasks and assignments are solved in a competent and professional manner at Jutlander Bank and at the same time, the bank knows its customers. Also, its employees are always accessible. As such, the bank works to become the most personal and accessible bank in Denmark. Through this genuine interest and personal engagement in its customers, it is Jutlander Banks declared mission to help people, businesses, and the local community to realize dreams and potential. This aligns very good to Acubiz’ mission about innovating and simplifying administrative business processes to help organizations realize their full potential.

More specifically, the collaboration means that Jutlander Banks business banking organization, and especially the Cash Management team, will carry Acubiz out to the customers and will be able to deliver introductory advice about the process. “For Jutlander Bank it is important that we help the customers find the solutions that fits them. To an increased extent, it is also important that we can give our business customers advice about various digital solutions that is a part of the customers’ value chain around several of our banking products, like for example our payment cards”, says Lars Nørby Rasmussen, Director for Business Banking at Jutlander Bank. “Acubiz has a really good fit here, as we often get very tangible questions from our customers, about how the administrative burdens related to business expenses can be relieved”, Jimmy Krøier Sørensen, Cash Management Consultant at Jutlander Bank, follows up.

“Jutlander Bank represents a set of really good values and because of this, we are extra happy about this collaboration. We are looking very much forward to the joint work with creating value for the banks business customers”, says Anders Friis, Chief Commercial Officer at Acubiz.

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