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Team Qhubeka ASSOS competes for sporting triumphs and to change lives

Saving time in one area prompts more time in other areas. Time that can be used for optimizing processes.
Team Qhubeka ASSOS


Team Qhubeka ASSOS has made an important administrative decision. They’ve chosen to streamline their expense management processes with Acubiz. For some time, it has been a priority for Team Qhubeka ASSOS to minimize the administrative burdens linked to expenses, which naturally occur in the wake of cycling races all over the world.

Team Qhubeka ASSOS was the first ever African cycling team to earn a UCI WorldTour license. With the license, they’re able to participate in the world’s biggest and most prestigious cycling races over the coming season. Qhubeka and ASSOS announced its arrival before the season, and the team is therefore racing under a new title sponsor and in new team colors in the years ahead.

When digital expense management free up time for cycling

In any organization, employees hold expenses on a regular basis, when they do their job. This also applies for a professional cycling team. That may be the Sport Director’s representation expenses in connection with sponsor meetings, the mechanic who buys a missing spare part at a local bike shop, the coach with mileage expenses for his/her further education or the rider who buys a cup of coffee when heading to a charity event.

There’re plenty of expenses. That’s why the administration chose to investigate whether it was possible to reduce the time spent on registration, approval, control and bookkeeping of expenses. Saving time in one area prompts more time in other areas. Time that can be used for optimizing processes, which is absolutely crucial in competitive environments such as elite cycling where the riders must have the best conditions for succeeding and winning races.

When it comes to cycling, people are often talking about finding hundredths of seconds on the bike’s aerodynamics or in the rider’s diets. Acubiz can’t help with that. On the other hand, our digital and automated expense management service can free up time and make everyday life a little easier for all employees.

It’s about more than just winning

Team Qhubeka ASSOS is a purpose-led, high-performance team, that races for something bigger than wins. They ride to help people in Africa to move forward with bicycles through the relationship with Qhubeka. Qhubeka is a charity where children and adults can earn bicycles and thus improving their access to schools, clinics and jobs. In the face of poverty, bicycles can change lives by helping to address socioeconomic challenges at the most basic level – helping people to get where they need to go.

The team has a Danish touch in the shape of Lasse Norman Hansen, Andreas Stokbro and Emil Vinjebo, while the former professional rider, Lars Michaelsen, is Head Sports Director. At Acubiz, we have already welcomed Team Qhubeka ASSOS at the Tour Des Alpes Maritimes race that went down in southern France in February. CEO and founder, Lars de Nully, was riding the team car together with Team Manager, Lars Michaelsen, during stage 2 in Fayence. Acubiz is looking forward to following the team this season and we’re cheering on the sideline.

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