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The coolest playlist for salesmen on the road

Lucky for you, music and the open road fits perfectly – and on the road no one can hear you sing. Get the playlist straight away.
Driving salesman


You’ve probably been in this situation many times before: You’ve been up extremely early and you only got many miles of highway and some visits to the gas stations in front of you. Lucky for you, music and the open road fits perfectly – and on the road no one can hear you sing (luckily). Therefore, we have made you a playlist that you can listen to when you want to feel freedom on the road.

”This Must Be The Place – Talking Heads

This song was released in November 1983 by the American new wave band, Talking Heads. The song may have lived in the shadow of the group’s other giant hits such as “Burning Down The House” and “Once in a Lifetime”. The song itself carries the subtitle “Naive Melody” and according to lead singer David Byrne, the song is something as distinctive as a love song where the text does not immediately make sense, but where the individual elements can have a great emotional effect. We just think that the guitar rifle and bass line, which is completely monotonous throughout all 4:55 minutes, is absolutely brilliant when driving on the road.

”Graceland – Paul Simon”

The country road is a perfect place for contemplation – whether we want it (or like it) or not. Paul Simon (yes, from Simon & Garfunkel) released in 1986 a perfect example of how music can suddenly make you sit and tilt your toes while all your thousand thoughts suddenly falls into place. The song itself is also a form of self-examination by Paul Simon. The text is about his thoughts on his way to Elvis’ Graceland and about his failed marriage with Carrie Fisher. It’s both nostalgic and hopeful at the same time. The same feelings as the road can give you if you let it.

”Going up the Country – Canned heat”

This song doesn’t immediately arouse recognition when we talk about good numbers for the road by Canned Heat. Why not choose “On the Road Again” from the same band? It MUST be “Going up the Country”. The song was released in 1968 and it’s the group’s greatest hit ever. This is inextricably linked to the fact, that the song became the unofficial theme song of the legendary Woodstock festival. “Going up the country” is all about freedom and adventure. With this number you end up dancing into the meeting with your customer. And you most likely end up bringing a signature with you on the way out.

”Home – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros”

Play this song when the contract is signed and you’re on your way home. But wait until you’re almost home. Because as soon as Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros start whistling, the hair rises, and your right foot becomes slightly heavier. The song is new on our playlist and a pure love song. Maybe the number recalls a lot of good memories about where you were in the summer of 2010, when this huge hit broke out of the speakers around the world.

”The Way – Fastball”

This one is a bit daring. The giant hit from 1998 is about the dream of a life on the roads without a destination. However, the American couple who inspired Fastball to the text were found dead at the bottom of a canyon a few weeks after leaving the conventional life. Even though it certainly wasn’t the plan, the text ended up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy: “… they’ll never get old and gray.”. Nevertheless, the song and the chorus are written in an optimistic tone and the song just have a huge sing-along potential which makes it perfect for a life on the road.

Find the complete playlist here

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