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Visma acquires Danish expense management solution to boost growth in the enterprise market

With the acquisition of the Danish fintech company Acubiz, Visma expects to accelerate further growth in the market for services within HR & payroll.
Visma Acubiz


With the acquisition of the Danish fintech company Acubiz, Visma expects to accelerate further growth in the market for services within HR & payroll. The expense management solution will be integrated into Visma Enterprise HRM in Denmark.


The Danish enterprise market has a strong demand for integrated solutions automating business administration processes. Vismau2019s mission is to simplify and automate complex processes to empower people, and the Acubiz solution will support this mission as a great addition to the existing portfolio.

I am excited to welcome another strong, Danish company into the Visma family, said Monika Juul Henriksen, Managing Director of Visma Enterprise A/S. There is no doubt that Acubiz is a perfect match not only businesswise but also in their culture and DNA. Acubiz wants to be the best – and so do we. Together, we will be even better.

Monika Juul Henriksen stated that the acquisition results from a strategic focus on accelerating growth for both companies. The Danish market demands better workflow automation within all administrative areas. She points to the unique domain competencies within expense management, approval flows, absence management, mileage etc., as the key to future success.

We strive for creating simple solutions for complex tasks and we do see an opportunity to do even better within HR & payroll administration when adding Acubiz to our existing My Visma suite, Monika Juul Henriksen explained.

The opportunity to accelerate growth was also pivotal when Acubiz decided to go with Visma.

We have been well aware for quite some time that our strategy to grow and scale Acubiz had to involve a strong partner if we wanted to succeed, says Henrik Malling, Managing Director in Acubiz. Visma is without a doubt the best match for us since we already have a very strong position in the Danish market with a solution designed to simplify and streamline time-consuming administrative processes within expense management, mileage, absence management etc. We see great potential in the Enterprise segment and the Visma Enterprise value proposition, so for us, the choice was easy. It couldn’t have been a better match, stated Henrik Malling.

Acubiz has a market share of 20 % in Denmark and a growing foothold in emerging markets. With an ambition to expand both value proposition and market share, Acubiz is pleased to become a part of Visma.

By becoming a part of Visma, we do not only get a shortcut to new customers, markets, segments and partners, we will also benefit from the knowledge and skills within legal, HR, Marketing and Sales. Being able to counsel with these experts is immensely valuable for us as a relatively small organisation, Henrik Malling explained. So we honestly cannot wait to get started and to get to know all our new colleagues within Visma.

Acubiz will continue as an independent brand in Visma.

For more information, please contact:

Rikke Bundgaard, Head of Marketing & Communication, Visma Enterprise A/S: +45 42 82 26 63

Monika Juul Henriksen, Managing Director, Visma Enterprise A/S: +45 42 82 2 336

Henrik Malling, Managing Director, Acubiz: +45 40 30 37 97

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