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Visma Acubiz and Compello Enter into a Strategic Partnership to Streamline Automated Invoice Management

Visma Acubiz and Compello have formed a strategic partnership, merging Visma Acubiz’s automated expense management expertise with Compello’s advanced invoice handling solutions.


Visma Acubiz and Compello have entered into an exciting strategic partnership that will integrate Visma Acubiz’s expertise in automatic expense management with Compello’s advanced solutions for incoming invoice management.

Henrik Malling, Managing Director at Visma Acubiz, comments on the partnership: “It has always been the goal of Visma Acubiz to simplify and streamline the process of managing expenses through our solutions. Against this backdrop, we are pleased to have entered into a strategic partnership with Compello.

With this collaboration, we look forward to offering even greater value to our customers by integrating Compello’s solution, which is based on advanced AI technology, to handle cost invoices.”

Invoice Management Has Never Been Easier

“We are excited that we can now integrate Visma Acubiz’s solutions with our systems. The partnership will provide our customers with a seamless and enhanced experience in expense management and maximize the benefits of what Visma Acubiz offers,” says Torgeir Letting, CEO at Compello.

The goal of the partnership is to set a new standard in the industry for how companies manage their financial affairs, through innovative products and good customer service. The partnership allows for a more efficient and streamlined process for expense management, and customers of both companies can now look forward to better control, accuracy, and insight into their financial affairs.

For more information, contact:

Anders Friis, Visma Acubiz
[email protected]
+45 23 39 84 40

Atle Ådnebergli, Compello
[email protected]
+47 905 84 606

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