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We are now Visma Acubiz

Acubiz has a new name and it is Visma Acubiz. On top of that, we have also moved in to the Danish Visma headquarters in Carlsberg Byen. At the same time, a new logo has been unveiled.
Visma Acubiz


Acubiz has a new name and it is Visma Acubiz.

On top of that, we have also moved into the Danish Visma headquarters in Carlsberg Byen. At the same time, a new logo has been unveiled. 

Name, logo, and address are however the only changes that have been made. Visma Acubiz continues with the same organization, and it is still the same solutions and people who deliver the market’s preferred software for managing employee expenses.

The end of 2021 was the start of a completely new adventure as Acubiz was acquired by Visma. As part of the Visma family, Visma Acubiz is ready to improve the business further in the coming years, which is in line with our ambition to be the market’s preferred supplier of software for handling all kinds of employee-related expenses.

The name and logo change has been part of the plan since the acquisition in December, but it is only now that Visma Acubiz is pressing the launch button:

– We are changing our name because the time is right. We have been part of Visma since December, and although we still operate as an independent company, we still think it makes sense that Visma is part of our name. We have also moved into Visma’s fantastic domicile in Carlsberg Byen, where we share facilities with other Visma companies. Here we are very much looking forward to the synergies and business opportunities that naturally arise when we work closely with our sister companies, explains Henrik Malling, CEO of Visma Acubiz.

With more than 25 years of experience, the Acubiz brand is both well-known and reputable in the Danish and international markets when it comes to software that digitizes and automates financial processes for the benefit of both employees and the company. Nevertheless, Visma Acubiz strongly believes that the addition of “Visma” to the name creates additional awareness and access to new business areas.

It is only the company Acubiz that is changing its name. The solution continues to be called Acubiz, and it is still the same people who go to work every day to deliver a sublime software experience to more than 250,000 Acubiz users:

– It is not a name change that changes who the organization is or what it represents. It is still the same support team you meet on the phone, the same developers who work behind the scenes, and the same consultants who implement solutions. We also still offer the market’s best solution for handling employee-related expenses under the name “Acubiz”, emphasizes Henrik.

Visma Acubiz

Visma Acubiz collects, handles, and optimizes all administrative sub-processes around all kinds of employee-initiated expenses. Visma Acubiz’s software has done that for more than 25 years. Acubiz is used by more than 1,000 companies and has over 250,000 users in 52 countries.

Visma is a leading supplier of business-critical software for a more efficient and sustainable society. Visma employs more than 1,300 people in Denmark across more than 14 companies. Although the companies are different, they have one common goal – to help other companies through software.

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