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We’re teaming up with Medius in a new and exciting partnership

Medius and Acubiz complements each other well. Medius cover the source-to-pay process and Acubiz cover the Expense Management process.
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We’re very happy to announce that we’ve started a collaboration with Medius. Medius is a leading global provider of cloud-based spend management solutions. Solutions that help organizations drive their business forward by enabling best-in-class process efficiency, cost saving opportunities and greater financial control. The Medius offering is comprised by a modular spend management suite which includes market leading solutions for strategic sourcing, contract management, procurement, accounts payable automation and supplier management. In addition, the suite also consists of data insights tools and all in all its bringing control, compliance and cost savings throughout the entire source-to-pay process. Medius is headquartered in Sweden and has global operations.

At Acubiz, we’re a global provider of a proven and best in class expense management service. Our range of services digitize and automate the full process related to employee-initiated expenses, such as low-cost purchases and travel expenses, all the way from a purchase is made, through the documentation and approval process and until the bookkeeping is done. The Acubiz service can handle everything from company card purchases and employee outlays to per diems and mileage tracking. In addition, Acubiz offers a portfolio of additional services such as time tracking, foreign VAT refund and automated expense control and approval. The benefits are a vastly improved process, significantly lower administrative burdens, time savings and better financial control.

There’re great synergies in the partnership as the two suites of solutions and services from Medius and Acubiz respectively complements each other in a very good way. Medius cover the whole source-to-pay process with a true Best-of-Breed offering and Acubiz cover the whole Expense Management process, likewise with a true Best-of-Breed service. We already have common customers, where we’re both contributing to lift the customers’ finance processes to new efficiency levels. The partnership will allow us, in collaboration, with Medius to explore new opportunities for delivering value to organizations, that seek to optimize and streamline their processes related to spend, sourcing and expenses.

“There’s a very nice fit between us and Medius. And given the fact that we already have common customers, where the solutions and services co-exist in a very good way, made a closer collaboration the obvious next step to take”, says Anders Friis, Chief Commercial Officer at Acubiz.

“We’re very keen about the partnership with Acubiz. We’re both offering Best-of-Breed solutions and we’re sharing touchpoints at the customer side. It makes good sense to partner up and collaborate to create more value for the customers and for our businesses”, says says Ulf Schnürer, Director of Global Partner Sales at Medius.

Read more about Medius and about Acubiz.

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