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Customer story


1400 employees in BDO Denmark have now said goodbye to crumpled receipts.

"It was a really nice implementation process, where we clarified our needs and they were solved. We could get started easily without any major problems, and if there was anything we were in doubt about, support was only a call away. All in all, everything about the implementation and use of Acubiz has gone very well."

Nina Hjorthmose

Senior Consultant, Accounting, BDO Danmark

The Challenge

Before BDO switched to an Acubiz solution, handling the settlement of outlays was a heavy work process. The process was not efficient, and meant, among other things, that employees had to save all their receipts, then manually scan them into the system.

The Result

That process is significantly simpler today, as the employees of BDO can now send off a combined settlement with all their outlays or expenses, which the immediate manager can approve with a single click on the mobile. This frees up time for the individual employee, who can focus on more value-creating tasks.

About BDO

BDO is Denmark’s fourth largest consultancy and auditing company. BDO offers services within consultancy, auditing, accounting as well as Business Services & Outsourcing for both the private and public markets.

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