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Bonnier Publications

How Bonnier Publications Transitioned from Manual Tasks to Automated Efficiency

Today, Bonnier Publication’s 300 users benefit from a digital solution with a frictionless process. Whether it concerns an expense or a disbursement, the settlement method is now a true pleasure.

Facts about Bonnier Publications




Bonnier Publications is a media house that creates niche-focused media to inspire, motivate, and entertain millions of readers and listeners.


Media and Entertainment


Acubiz Advanced

Essential to Jump on the Automated Wave

To tackle the digital challenges in a constantly changing world, it is crucial to jump on the automated wave. For Bonnier Publications, located in the creative industry, the need for digitalization was clear – especially when it came to their expense handling.

Before the implementation of Acubiz, their processes were characterized by manual tasks that not only took time but also created frustration among both managers and employees.
Expense handling was disorganized and chaotic with many different settlement schemes floating around.

Everything depended on whether a company-issued Eurocard was used, or if an expense needed to be added to the payroll. This meant perpetual confusion and a waste of time.
Thankfully, that’s no longer the case today.

picture of coworkers at bonnier publications

“We had several different methods for expense management, and employees were unnecessarily spending a lot of time filling out settlement forms and chasing their leaders for signatures.”

Charlotte Pedersen

Controller Assistant, Bonnier Publications

From Manual Tasks to Automated Efficiency

Today, Bonnier Publications has undergone a positive transformation. With a more streamlined and uniform process, life has been made easier for the administrative team, while valuable time previously consumed by expense management has been freed up.
The change has not only improved workflow but also freed up resources for other important tasks.

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