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Customer story

Bonnier Publications

Their 300 users benefit from a uniform process, where the expense management method is the same every time an outlay or expense has to be handled.

"We had several types of expense management methods in use and employees spent an unnecessarily long time filling out settlement forms and chasing their managers for signatures. "

Charlotte Pedersen

Controller Assistant, Bonnier Publications

The Challenge

Prior to the implementation of Acubiz, Bonnier Publications did not have an organized process for handling expenses. There was therefore a lot of uncertainty about how expenses and outlays were to be settled.

This meant that there were many different settlement schemes in play, and at that time the settlement method could depend on whether, for example, was paid with a company-issued Eurocard, or whether it was an out-of-pocket outlay, which then had to be transferred by payroll and, in certain cases, on an ongoing basis.

The Result

Now Bonnier Publications benefits from a streamlined and uniform process that eases the administrative burden and the time spent on expense management.

About Bonnier Publications

Bonnier Publications creates media with a niche focus to inspire, motivate and entertain millions of readers and listeners.

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