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Customer story


The expense management process topped previously the list of boring tasks for the employees at KAB. Not anymore!

"When I buy breakfast for my employees I simply take a picture of the receipt and 10 seconds later I have registered all data."

Louise Østvand

Team Manager, KAB

Better financial management and happier employees

The expense management process topped previously KAB’s list of boring tasks. It was manual, troublesome and slow. All expenses are today handled digital through Acubiz One. According to the employees, it is both user-friendly, easy and fast.

The finance department have achieved better overview and structure. Furthermore, it has become easier to make budgetary follow-ups and the overall financial management is strengthened.

From a disliked task to quick and easy execution

The expense management workflow was manual, slow and troublesome before implementing Acubiz. KAB had a cash register inside their office with sparse opening hours and an associated cash card terminal. The employees had to queue up with their expenses and a form signed by their manager. This workflow was not popular with the employees:

It was a very manual process where I personally often tried to avoid having expenses because it was simply too cumbersome” explains Louise Østvand, Team Manager at KAB.

Acubiz has made the process quick and user-friendly, and it is no longer demotivating and boring to reimburse expenses or mileage.

Overview, structure and happier employees

The benefits have been easy to spot for KAB. From a time perspective, they have released about one third of the working hours spent on expense management.

It has been easier for the finance department to bookkeep, it has been easier to maintain, it provides a better overview, it provides a better structure and it has become easier to make our budget follow-ups and overall financial management. I can also mention that our employees are happier now”, explains Sebastian Schrøder, Controller at KAB.

The most important parameter was to make the everyday life easier for the internal employees, decentralized employees and residents-elected board members with a user-friendly expense management solution. And this has been achieved.

About KAB

KAB was founded in Copenhagen in 1920. They rent and administrate approximately 60,000 general houses in the metropolitan area. This make them the largest administration organisation in Denmark.

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