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Replacement holiday


When are you entitled to replacement holiday?

According to the holiday act, you are entitled to replacement holiday if you become sick before your vacation begins or if you are hit by illness during your vacation.

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Illness before the vacation begins

In this case, you are not obligated to take the planned vacation. You may take the remaining vacation when you are well again and then take the replacement days you later receive for your sick days.

A doctor’s certificate is unnecessary, but if your employer requests it, they must pay for it themselves.

Follow these steps:

  • Report sick as usual.
  • Choose whether to cancel your vacation and take it at another time.
  • If you choose to cancel, you will resume your work when you are declared fit again.
  • Remember to take the replacement holiday for the 1st-4th vacation week in the same year for vacation purposes and according to the regular vacation rules.

Illness during vacation

If you become sick during your vacation, you are entitled to replacement holiday with the following rules:

  • You can only receive replacement holiday after five sick days
  • You must report sick on the first day of sickness
  • You must provide documentation with a (self-paid) doctor’s certificate.

You do not have the right to take the postponed vacation regarding your return to work unless your employer agrees.

If you are not declared fit in time to take a replacement holiday during the vacation period, the replacement holiday will be transferred to the next vacation.

The waiting period of 5 days

The first five sick days during your vacation are a waiting period but do not need to be five consecutive days.

For example, if you become sick on days 2, 3, 4, and 5 of your summer vacation and then ill again on days 10 and 11, you are entitled to replacement holiday from day 6 and onwards.

Requirement for a doctor's certificate

You are only entitled to replacement holiday once you inform your employer that you are sick. Therefore, you must report sick as soon as it is relevant.

In addition, you must contact your doctor and obtain a doctor’s certificate – and you must pay for it yourself.

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When do you have the right to replacement holiday?
You have the right to replacement holiday if you become ill before your holiday begins or if you are affected by illness during your holiday.
There is no fixed requirement for how sick you must be to be eligible for replacement holiday. If you become ill before your holiday begins, there is no requirement for a doctor’s certificate. However, if you become sick during your holiday, you must provide documentation of the illness with a self-paid doctor’s certificate, after which you have the right to replacement holiday after five sick days.

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