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SaaS solutions and data security in the cloud

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SaaS offers innovative and cost-effective tech solutions but raises data security concerns. Users must choose between the flexibility of cloud models and the control of on-premise setups. Effective SaaS security involves choosing reliable vendors, setting clear cloud usage rules, and considering added security tools. Trust between vendors and users is crucial.

Digital receipts in a B2B context

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Embracing digital receipts in the B2B sphere requires a deeper understanding of professional buying behavior. While the concept is promising, current solutions often miss the mark, largely catering to private consumers. Bridging these gaps can revolutionize expense management for business users.

Is unclaimed foreign VAT lying about in your organization?

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Many companies unknowingly leave foreign VAT unclaimed due to its complex reclaim process. With varying rules across countries, it’s a daunting task, leading to €20 billion unclaimed annually. However, digital tools like Acubiz simplify this, ensuring businesses don’t miss out on reclaimable funds. Don’t leave money on the table!

How efficient is your “pre-accounting” process?

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Far from every organization has a break with an inefficient “pre-accounting” process on their agenda. And that’s despite the fact, that it’s obvious how valuable it is for those who’d already pulled the trigger and implemented an automated and digital process.

Precise cost allocation

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Digital tools lead to new methods, that’ll simplify our working life. Especially tasks like registering employee expenses, but also how we acquire knowledge and become wiser about the profitability of our employees, company, customers and partnerships.

Can I have a digital receipt, please?

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Receipts are important. A receipt is your proof of purchase for goods or services. Receipts are important to consumers, if we, at some point need to complain about the goods or services that we’ve bought.