Bavarian Nordic and Acubiz save time and ensure full compliance to ”Sunshine Act”

The solution “LiveSearch” makes it significantly faster and easier to search for the individual healthcare professional – on-demand
Expenses via the phone


When our customers face a challenge and come to us for help and guidance, we immediately throw ourselves over the task. Bavarian Nordic approached us as the enforcement of the regulatory requirements under the Physician Payments Sunshine Act required heavy administrative work. Specifically, the allocation of expenses to specific doctors, clinics and other types of healthcare professionals was a very time-consuming challenge for Bavarian Nordic employees, but together we found a solution that made it easier and faster to document the expenses they had in connection with visits to customers, partners, etc.

What is the Physician Payments Sunshine Act?

The Physician Payments Sunshine Act is a US legal provision that aims to increase transparency in the financial relations between healthcare professionals and the pharma industry. Pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, such as Bavarian Nordic, must record and document expenses associated with medical clinics, pharmacies, researchers and other healthcare providers. Within EU is the EFPIA Disclosure Code applicable and Bavarian Nordic’s employees in Denmark and other European countries is therefore governed by this.

Financial relationships between healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry are common and can include everything from meals to consulting or speaker fees to direct research funding. To develop new medicines that improve health and save lives, pharmaceutical companies need to collaborate with outside experts, including researchers who support the scientific development of new preparations and physicians who understand how they’ll be used in clinical practice. The purpose of the Physician Payments Sunshine Act is to make financial relationships between the individual healthcare professional and the pharmaceutical manufacturer more transparent and hence heighten the credibility.

What challenge did Bavarian Nordic face?

Bavarian Nordic’s employees are frequently in contact with medical clinics, pharmacies, research scientists etc. and in this context, they acquire expenses which must be documented according to both their own company policies and the Physician Payments Sunshine Act. Bavarian Nordic uses Acubiz for expense management and therefore asked us if we could help make it easier for them to search for the right healthcare professional when registering an expense.

The list of healthcare professionals that Bavarian Nordic is in contact with worldwide is long. In fact, so long that it includes more than hundred thousand healthcare professionals. The list has so far been managed and updated in the Acubiz One mobile app itself as loading dimensions for selection in a list. This solution has worked, but it’s time-consuming to both load the dimensions for the users and to update the many dimension values for the finance department.

LiveSearch became the solution

Working with so many values, it’s not a surprise that the speed of loading and updating them takes time when launching Acubiz One. Together, Bavarian Nordic and Acubiz came up with a solution where all dimension values are maintained and accessed live in the cloud – directly from the Acubiz One mobile app. We call the solution “LiveSearch” and it makes it significantly faster and easier to search for the individual healthcare professional – on-demand.

LiveSearch benefits Bavarian Nordic. But it is also useful to a large number of our other customers. LiveSearch is particularly relevant and valuable for project-oriented companies with many projects, cases, customers, clients etc. where expenses are to be attached. Employees will experience a significantly faster administration time on the individual expense registration.

The LiveSearch feature is unique in the Expense Management category and enables extremely fast and efficient end-to-end processing of expense transactions, where complex and comprehensive allocation routines for the individual employee is part of the process.

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