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Opposing opinions on time registration 

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While some view it as a restriction on flexibility and a form of control and surveillance of employees, others see it as a necessity to gain insight into how the company’s resources are utilized and to enable more accurate billing.
Despite increased administrative costs and the required behavioral change, time tracking can provide managers and employees with a better overview of working hours and patterns.

ESG Metrics and Reporting – What You Need to Know

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Using ESG metrics, companies can measure their efforts in three areas: Environmental, Social, and Governance. Reporting makes the company’s sustainability efforts more transparent through precise results. Learn more about the importance of ESG metrics in this article.

The actual costs associated with manually handling expenses

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We are often asked questions along the lines of, “how expensive is Acubiz?” or “isn’t it expensive to acquire a system for handling our expenses?”.

Let us try to reverse the question by asking, “do you know how much you spend on handling expenses?”.

How should you store your vouchers?

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There is still a widespread belief that original paper vouchers must be kept regardless of whether the document is scanned and is stored digitally or not.