Mileage documentation requirements

For tax-free refunds on work-related car use in Denmark, proper mileage documentation is vital. SKAT sets the documentation standards which include details like name, address, travel date, start and end points, kilometers traveled, and more. While spreadsheets are common for tracking, Acubiz offers a more efficient, GPS-enabled solution that ensures compliance with SKAT’s requirements and streamlines the mileage refund process.
Mileage and mileage documentation


Do you need an overview of your fuel refund options? Read more below and become more aware of both SKAT’s requirements for your mileage documentation and on Acubiz’ solution for easier mileage registration.

If you use your own car for work-related purposes, you have the opportunity to get tax-free refunds from your employer, as well as if you are self-employed you have the option of mileage allowance. However, the tax administration office in Denmark (SKAT) requires mileage documentation, and it can additionally be a very slow and difficult process to keep track of your own mileage.

What requirements does the tax administration have for your mileage documentation?

SKAT determines the requirements for mileage documentation – regardless of whether you are employed by a company or self-employed. Mileage documentation must, as a rule, contain information about the name, address and CPR number as well as the date of the journey, the start and end point of the journey, the number of kilometers traveled, the reimbursement rates used and the calculation of the travel allowance.

However, there is no requirement that says you need to state the car’s mileage recorder, which of course, eases the inconvenience of keeping track of your mileage documentation a little. Nevertheless, you should always state the registration number of your car in the documentation, so the tax administration office can make sure that you are using your own car.

How much will be refunded?

As a starting point, you can get reimbursement for all the mileage you have carried out for business purposes in your own car. The calculation takes place by multiplying the number of kilometers by the applicable rate for compensation per kilometer. For less than 20,000 kilometers, the deduction is DKK 3.73 per kilometer, while the deduction is DKK 2.10 per kilometer when driving over 20,000 kilometers.

How do I manage my mileage the easiest way possible?

Many choose to register their mileage in a spreadsheet. It’s basically efficient enough, but not at all transparent and furthermore registering data in a spreadsheet can be a very time-consuming process.

However, there is a much easier way to register your mileage and to ensure that you comply with the mileage documentation requirements. With the “mileage” feature in Acubiz One, which is our simple and user-friendly expense management app, you can automatically register and track your route via the GPS and upload your mileage registration directly in our cloud-based solution, Acubiz EMS. By doing this, you avoid spending time and effort on manual tasks in spreadsheets and thereby create valid data for tax purposes.

How do I ensure mileage refund?

Book a meeting and let us demonstrate how to get your mileage refund with Acubiz One – and at the same time experience the many other benefits and opportunities you can get in the app.

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