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Time registration – all the stuff that your Excel-sheets doesn’t do!

With Acubiz Time you will be able to do fast hour, holiday and other absence registration.
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Time registration is getting increasingly important for all types of employers. Not just because of the business related benefits, that comes along if you’re able to create a precise overview of your company’s use of resources, but also because of a case from the European Court of Justice, that had its preliminary ruling in 2019. More specifically, this judgment determines that the member states must make sure that employers are setting up processes to ensure that employees will register their daily actual daily work time. This will secure that employee’s rights related to maximum weekly work time as well as daily and weekly resting periods are complied with. The ruling raises several questions related to how this registration task can be solved in real life. At Acubiz, we have a pretty good take on how this is done, but I’ll get back to that later.

“Time is money”

If we take our eyes off the legal implications for a moment, then it has always been said that “time is money”. Some might think that this saying is clichéd or trivial, but nevertheless we know that it holds water. That’s why it’s obvious that every business needs to have good grip of its time registration, so that a full overview of employees, their tasks and associated time consumption can be created. This is important, both to optimize allocation of employee resources, but, as an example, also to create a precise foundation for the purpose of invoicing customers or clients.

An efficient time registration system is an important component, if you’re aiming to run a business with full control and overview of financial performance related to projects, customers, clients and cases. To make this job as easy and effortless as possible, digitization comes into play. The leading businesses have already digitized and automated within this area and as far as I’m concerned, these businesses will soon have a nice competitive advantage.

The good old Excel-sheet

Some of you might already think that an Excel-sheet with predefined pivot tables, charts and maybe a few macros easily can solve the task. To answer this, I just have to say that Excel-sheets can be used for a lot of things, but they are far from optimal for everything. You can use an Excel-sheet to register time and create simple overviews of the time consumption allocated to customers or projects, provided data is entered and updated manually. This can work, but it’s far from user-friendly and flexible for, let’s say, employees on the road. And if data needs to be synchronized from the Excel-sheet to other systems, it’s also a whole different case.

Fact is, that Excel-sheets aren’t really suited for efficient time registration and many organizations that use them for this purpose are simply spending too much time to get the job done. All because the process isn’t fully automated and digitized.

Two challenges – one solution

To briefly summarize on the above, it means that if you, as a business, haven’t yet automated and digitized your time registration, you’ll have a minimum of two challenges waiting right around the corner: both in terms of complying to EU-legislation but also in terms of having the appropriate control of your actual resource consumption. That’s why we have developed Acubiz Time, which is a complete solution for automated time registration. The solution is a digital tool, that helps managing time consumption in the business – and thereby optimize the use of resources – while at the same time securing compliance to legislation and collective agreements.

That’s why we have developed Acubiz Time, which is a complete solution for automated time registration in organizations. The solution is a digital tool, that helps managing time consumption in the business – and thereby optimize the use of resources – while at the same time securing compliance to legislation and collective agreements.

Through our Acubiz app, Acubiz One, users with Acubiz Time will get access to handle fast registration of holiday, sickness, leave, lieu days or other types of absence. It’s also possible to handle more detailed registration of work hours, that for example can be associated with specific projects, cases, customers, clients, departments etc. The solution is configured according to the specific requirements of the given organization and as an administrator, you’ll get access to quick overviews of time consumption across all registered parameters. To name a few examples, this can be used to create a foundation for invoicing, precise data for controlling invoiced hours and data for productivity analysis.

The solution can be combined with our other functionality for managing expenses, mileage tracking and invoices. That’s when the real fun starts! Doing this makes it possible to create a full overview of the total costs related to specific projects, cases, clients, customers etc. that then can be exported to a finance – or salary system.

We call it easy time registration. We call it Acubiz Time.

Watch a video of how time registration actually work and read about our digital solution for time registration, Acubiz Time.

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